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Men who don’t have sex with sex workers…

are the cleverest STOOPID people ever!

Look at the bad sex issues that have happened recently..

Policitians – they NEVER have sex with sex workers, not ever. What was that politicians name who was caught bonking that girl on his desk 6 months back? Goanna something or other… you know the one?! Life would have been so much lovelier for him if politicians just paid for it!

Tiger Woods – I mean SERIOUSLY for an intelligent man, what was he thinking not paying for it?!

I reckon sex workers are given a rough deal. Sex workers could bring the world economies to their knees if they were to open their mouths. Sex workers on a daily basis prove their worth and trust worthyness by being discreet, not holding press conferences, not keeping raunchy text messages to be sold at a later date etc. There are millions of sex workers all over the world, bonking men who collect garbage, BIG BIG BIIIIIIIG SHOT business men, Mafia… literally the world would come to a stand still if not an end, if even 2% of sex workers decided to open their mouths. We have a proven track record of being lovely.

STILL all over the world we are hated, we are illegal, we are ridiculed, guys take their watches off before they go into a brothel or an independent workers apartment (we thieve Swatch watches apparently)… hell the NSW regulations they are trying to bring in to regulate us are Melbourne style draconian to say the least.

God this world is a head fuck of monumental proportions!

bloody hell..  would have been cheaper for Tiger to pay an hourly rate for his wife and each Mistress as sex workers even though they’d be very expensive hookers looking the way they do. My first ever boyfriend showed me how to do the math on that. He stood in the kitchen with a pen and pad and told me how much his wife’s hourly rate would have been over 6 years, in comparison to my hourly rate and said she was way over priced and she ripped him off. He was a very smart stupid man as well – well clearly… he let this little hooker go and married a new normal woman!! Can we say BANGING OUT HEAD AGAINST A BRICK WALL?!

I’d just like to encourage you all to pick up the phone and call your favorite hooker today…. SAVE YOURSELF GENTLEMEN!

Mmwaah and loads of bonks for you all (just between you and I of course!)




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Yeah Lucy i am agree with you with the statement “Sex workers could bring the world economies to their knees if they were to open their mouths.”

Comment by Brisbane escort

Dear Lucy

We men are such idiosyncratic creatures (should that be idiot-syncratic? ). So much so, that if I wasn’t one my self I would not believe the stoopid things we do on behalf of our penis.

We work and play in a world where successful people expect professionalism, demand experience, and seek to interact with only the most qualified practitioners in their field.

Health Care, Accountants, Mechanics, Chefs, Lawyers, even Sports stars. Our desire to be surrounded by only the best and brightest of professionals seems to be universal.

Universal except, that is, for the one most vexing of exceptions…

Our Penis. Arguably our most valued of possessions. We never leave home without it. We think with it, plan for it, scratch it, fiddle with and adjust it almost constantly. We brag about it, play with it, and polish it with a fervor that almost borders on obsession.

And to whom do we entrust with our most valuable of valuables? Do we seek out only the most select class of experienced and professional courtesans? Do we apply the same scrutiny to a prospective sexual partner as we do to , oh say, a Dentist or a Mechanic?

Not on your life we do. We will happily hand it over to virtually anyone, regardless of race, creed or attitude, who is prepared to have a fiddle downstairs. Go figure!

In fact, I will go further to suggest that this is one area of a Man’s life where, converse to all intuition and common sense, inexperience is seen as highly desirable. Again I say, go figure…!

Imagine if We Men applied this same logic to other aspects of our lives:
Stoopid Man 1
” I am off to the Dentist for a Double Root Canal.”
Stoopid Man 2
“Has your Dentist done a root canal before?”
Stoopid Man 1
” No, I am breaking in a new one just out of college. I will be His first, !”
Stoopid Man 2
“You lucky Bastard. Have an extra rinse and a spit for me!”

Anyway, nothing that I say here is going to change the world, so I had better go and try to act professional for the remainder of the day.


Comment by PJ

Hi Lucy
Many years ago I worked in a remote area where men out numbered the women. To help with the isolation there use to be a caravan parked out on one of the dirt roads leading out of town where many men would go. The caravan was there until the women living in the remote town complained that it the caravan had to be moved. After that there was many cases of husbands coming home and finding the wife having it off with someone else.

Comment by Col

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