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Intergalactical International Presents!

Guess what, guess what?!?!

I got some presents…..

Snowdome Presents

Snowdome Presents from far far away for meeeeee! all for meeeeee!

I am lucky enough to have people who send me gifts while they are adventuring around the planet and today these ones arrived in the mail! I luuuurve getting gifts in the mail 🙂 It’s so lovely someone is thinking of you from the other side of the planet. I love the thought of someone being in some far away place, seeing something silly and thinking “aaaaw that is so tacky that Lucy would love that, best I get it for her”.  THEN I get to open a box in the mail!!

Everything good comes in boxes in the mail. Shiiiiny PVC thigh high 12 inch stiletto boots, body stockings, Jimmy Choo shoes and SNOWDOMES!! It’s like you get the little come fetch me notice in the letter box and then your heart starts pounding because you know your day is about to get happy! I’ll sit with the letter box notice allll day and think about what the prize could be and then get it in the afternoon.

Anyhoooo here are my latest prizes from the other side of the planet.






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Hi there Lucy,I know it early but then you are one very special person ”Happy birthday” for Wednesday. Hope you have a great day

Comment by Col

Happy birthday for tomorrow Lucy

Comment by Peter.88188

Hi Lucy,I agree with Peter,I often sit in front of the computer with fingers ready to send a email to you then I think no as Lucy is far to busy with her own life.The same with the phone many a time I have started to ring then stopped.
One always thinks of you Lucy
Which reminds me that someone is having a birthday soon

Comment by Col

Some of us think of you quite regularly 🙂

Comment by Peter.88188

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