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Changed my mind…

I’m now in loooove with Peter the Fungal Scientist from Beauty and the Geek.  I caught a glimpse of FUNGAL MAN when I dropped my laptop and he is keeeeewt! Unfortunately though, there is something about being in luuuurve with a Fungal Scientist that sounds beyond geeky to trippy, so I’ll probably never be able to bonk him for free 😦 Hahahaa I made a funny!!… get it …. there’s something trippy about a fungas man… get it get it?!?! magic mushrooms are fungas!! … ooook I leave that one alone now.

In other news… I’m just back from a week away with the family, so yerrrrs I’m now NUTS! I find it infinitely disturbing how I’m the sane one.  There were tantrums, fighting, swearing, stomping of the tootsies, rolling of the eyes by all of them. I just sat quietly and played for a week with the 5 year olds and had a truly excellent time. I hadn’t jumped on a trampoline and then fell asleep since I was 12 and jigging high school! I don’t know what it is when you get older, but your brain seems to thud around your skull a lot more and hurts when it hits the sides. Still it was FUN! Hmmm and I played sticker books, painted cups and plates, made hats for Melbourne Cup and had a tea party with Baby Born quadruplets (what is it with dolls looking like zombies?!). Then we painted the walls (and got in trouble, but my niece is so PC and such a goodie goodie Country Road pink fairy child, I feel it’s my role to corrupt her into being a normal child), and then we had a pom pom tree pom pom flower fight and then we caught slugs and made a slug house for them. All in all I had a most excellent time as long as I wasn’t around the weirdo’s. Ooow and we got thrown out of the local pool because I taught them how to do bombs and belly flops in the pool and apparently having fun isn’t allowed.

It never fails to shock me about how much they choose not to know about my life out loud, but secretly know everything. They went on and on at me about how being a welfare worker sucks …. “I can’t believe my tax dollars have to pay for a boat load of Asians to sit on cruise ships before Australia delivers them to an island for a holiday and then we grant them assylum so they can sit on their arses for the rest of their lives on a pension in Australia and then I have to pay your wages to pander to them”… I mean SERIOUSLY WHO THINKS ABOUT BOAT PEOPLE AND WHAT THEY GO THRU LIKE THAT?!?!?!” So when I get over listening to their shite I tell them “Look I am no longer a welfare worker so don’t talk to me about it”. Then I get the “well we run a business and there’s no way you could run a business or even have any idea what’s involved so you have to remain a welfare worker”, to which I respond “I could run your itty bitty business with my hands tied behind my back whilst blindfolded”. Then the room goes silent for 20 MINUTES! Yup… they know heheheeee. Hmmm maybe I shouldn’t have used the blindfolded tied down in the sentence – damaged them for life maybe.

Hmmm what else on the Lucy update?… ooow I know… I’ll show you a pic of the new stand in child I apparently have to have. I’ve called him Chewie Chester Wookie Blake.

Chewie Chester Wookie Blake

Chewie Chester Wookie Blake

Chewie comes from Blacktown Pound and I encourage everyone to pop along to their local pound and pick someone up to love – they were going to MURDER HIM an hour after he was picked if he wasn’t picked! THEY WERE GOING TO MURDER CHEWIE!! So quick quick everyone go get an addition to the family.

ANyhooo that’s where I’ve been.. missing in action. I’m baaaaack now but and really excited to be back. I’ve been having the best times since I have left welfare and really looking forward to having more best times. Once again thank you sooo much for the lovely lovely people who have been leaving comments on my blogs and for the lovely people who have been sending me emails after reading something on the other site I have . Some people have been sending me really touching stories about their experiences and how reading the wiki has been of assistance or sending me suggestions. BUT to the gents who have been leaving comments on this blog… you have no idea how much it means to me that you take the time and effort to do it. You have made me smile and laugh and feel wonderful 🙂

Anyhooo you take care of you and I’ll catch you all in a flash with some new silly stuff!





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I can relate to your puppy story – when I grew up my Grandfather has greyhounds, anyway when they can’t win or aren’t competitive anymore they KILL EM …. So, I am a big fan of wjem I get my next dog, it will be a 2nd hand greyhound.

BTW – all families are like yours 😉

Comment by Peter

OMG I loooove Greyhounds! I would have rescued a greyhound but I can’t smuggle a greyhound in and out of the building in my back pack which is what I have to do with Chewie 😦 The greyhound rescue people are brilliant – I know a few people who have managed to secure a new family member through them. They really are lovely creatures 🙂

Thanks for the thoughts Peter 🙂

Comment by Lucy Blake

Chewie is so CUTE! he is totally ewokie isn’t he?! Condolences on the whole family visit business. =(

Comment by Maya

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