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Lucky Day!

Hiya Everybody!

I just wanted to start by saying a MASSIVE thank you to the lovely people who leave comments on my blog. Its a stomach turning exercise blogging if you’re in my line of work because you worry about if you’re giving to much away, destroying your marketing, being to personal, being to honest, being offensive etc etc. They can take a bit of time to write as well, so when people leave a comment it really is very lovely. I’m also lucky in that people who leave comments do spend time thinking about what they want to say and their comments are always really relevant and make me think and reflect a lot which makes me grow as a person – ycuk did I just say that?! SOOOOAPY! true but

Soooo to the Lucky Blog!! Let me start by giving you a pic of me in my lucky socks…

Sydney-Escort-in her Lucky Socks!

Yerrrrs feeling like it’s time to pull out all stops, take no chances and pull my lucky cat socks up!


Well today my sister was going into hospital to have her baby and she had a little boy 🙂 Of course I like girls because you can do better shopping for girls, but I don’t have any money anyway so I love I having a new nephew 🙂 except of course the lectures I get about how I am getting to old to have babies and I better have one tomorrow blah blaaaah

Ooow and on Friday I quit my straight job! Yup that’s right I QUIT! My boss said some awwwwwful things to me in “supervision” which is just a code word for “fuck with your head session”, so I thought about it over night and went back in the next morning and QUIT! Her parting words to me were “I hope you reflect on what I have said to you and can change your life”. My parting words were “heheheeee”.

Oooow and I’m halfway through my Business Management Diploma as of today and I received my results  for the first half of my course and I have all Distinctions except 1 credit 🙂 I wish I could apply myself to being bored for an entire 3 years and then I could have a whole degree instead of multiple diploma’s. I can’t seem to get past the 18 month boredom thresh hold. Now I’ve got my lucky socks on, I’m hoping that may change 🙂

Oooow and I’ve been working on my wiki all day/night/day/night/day/night and learnt about all this stuff I could do if I only could work out how…. yeaaay for the lucky socks… I’m sure getting it is just around the corner 🙂

Oooow and I’m in luuuuuuuuuuurve!! Can you tell?!?!? 🙂 🙂 🙂 I finally found a boy I could imagine being completely unprofessional with and actually bonking him for the first hour for freeeeeee!! 🙂 His name is Matt…  fortunately for my professionalism he is on the other side of the planet so I never will have to bonk him heheee. Incidentally he is the guy who invented WordPress. I don’t know why I find geeky guys so gawd darn sexy.  Blimey I hope he doesn’t kick me off WordPress for calling him geeky… I did call him sexy as well but so hopefully they cancel each other out.

Ooow and today I was walking past a toy shop and I went in to touch everything. Here’s me dressed as an Intergalactical Princess…..

Lucy Sydney Escort Intergalactical Princess

The boy who works in the toy shop I made take the picture for me was mortified I made him stand there and do it. That made me want to embarrass him more of course, so I have about 50 of them.

Sooo anyhooo that’s about that for today. I am updating my website with a few new ideas and ripping down some pages over the next few days, oh and of course the availability shall change because I’m no longer a prisoner of DOOM at the straight job. I’ll try and get to that tomorrow but and update here when it’s done.

You all take care and if you have a pair of lucky socks… PUT ‘EM ON!





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Hi Lucy , you are wrong … the 30th was a lucky day …just fantastic and you weren’t wearing your lucky socks ! Are you sure you didn’t do a journalism degree? the web site is first rate , may the “intergalactic princess” move forth among us at warp speed ! Go Girl ! best wishes Steve .

Comment by steve


Careful but…. I’ll make you a ROCK STAR with a little more careful manipulation and a smidge of bad influence thrown in heheheee

Comment by Lucy Blake

And great blog btw. always love reading your words!

(whoops forgot to leave my name in the previous post – silleee)

Comment by mark

Oooooh Maaaaark,




Comment by Lucy Blake

YAY! Now that you’re free from ‘the man’ you’ll have time to see me 😛


Comment by Anonymous

Hello Lucy, Nice socks do they come size 13. Congratulations on your results. Three years is not that long so just hang in there. ‘Great advice coming from me with my education’
One can imagine young Lucy going through a toy shop.Just had a idea, with Business Management Diploma in hand Lucy opens up her very own toy store with special needs for children with disabilities. As the mainstream shops do not cater for.
Either with your lucky cat socks on or off you are on the road success.

Comment by Col

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