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So I had a walk out the other day – very bad to blog about such things… not good marketing I imagine. I’m not known for doing clever things though so all good. Was the first person I was seeing in months so it was very bad.  Anyhoo he used the universal boy line of “I think I’ve made a mistake, I’d like to leave and what about my money”. Very hard to keep ones composure at this stage. What do you say? “Oh sure sweetheart you’re more than welcome to leave and I’m sorry it didn’t work out, you can keep all of the cash even though we’ve been making out for 20 minutes and you booked for 3 HOURS and I turned down other bookings to be here right now and you told me you read my blog carefully and really want to see me because of my blog which is who I am in the flesh, so what’s the big horrible surprise you need to leave because of?!”. Of course all you do say is “no problem I appreciate your honesty. It’s better to be upfront about these things because it’s alot of money and I don’t want you feeling uncomfortable or ripped off in anyway. Have a lovely day bye bye”.  Then you call all your hooker friends and make them tell you you’re lovely so you don’t kill yourself with self loathing for not being good enough and being rejected.

I mean why don’t men give more of an insight if they are leaving so we are able to know how to improve business and make people happier? Was it the dress? Was it I’m too fat? Was it the personality? Was it my tits aren’t big enough? What exactly was it? Means ladies have to torture themselves forever with why they are such a fuck up.

Sooo I put a page on my website up explaining EXACTLY who I am and who I’m not, who I’m suited to and who I’m not and put links to all of my ugliest advertising/true self.. like me singing on YouTube, un photoshopped pics, said what my real age is etc. I figure it’s better for all involved to have the complete picture. Once again, very bad marketing. We deal in fantasy not reality, but once again, I’m not known for doing things like everyone else does. I’ll get over it and take the page down I suppose.

I posted on an overseas womans only forum who make you feel better about life which is helpful 🙂

I even polished all of the leaves on all of my plants and got down on my hands and knees and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen floors to make sure everything was as perfect as it could be for him!… friggin fruckin… got to do more hookering so I’m not trying to make everything perfect… not being a hooker enough makes ones self esteem shrink I find… gotta quit straight job…. HATE straight job 😦 HAAAAAAAATE STRAIGHT JOB!

Oh also put up on my website I’ll only see guys 38+… guys on forums go mental with shitty posts for ladies who put 25+ only on their websites, so I can imagine how people will feel when they see 38+ eeeeck.

What else….  my mum came over because I had to put her Uni Assessment together for her. They are making her do a power point presentation and because she has never used Power Point I was suckered into it. I turned on my computer and she saw all my pics of me in my lingerie… or no lingerie… latex dresses…. latex catsuits… arrrgh she saw me in my secret hooker hero costumes!! Was all ok though because we don’t acknowledge the fact I’m a hooker out loud so I got away with it heheheee. Still never a good thing for your mother to know you own a latex catsuit even subconsciously.

She also bought me a dog! It’s not allowed to live with me, but I may let it come and visit every now and then. I think she has given up on the idea of me having a child, so now she is buying me a dog baby instead…. my poor mother heheheee. I want to call him Poppy, but my mother wont let me call a boy dog a girls name. My last cat was female and I called her a boys name, but apparently dogs go by different rules. I’ve banned her from going near the pound… she’s a little bit addicted to buying animals that are going to be murdered at the RSPCA and pounds.. wish she got me a turtle – I’ve never had one of them and they’re cute.

Hmmm what else? Ooow yerrrrs I have had stuff from my wiki published again.. I had another 8 pages published in a magazine. It would appear I’m going to start writing for this magazine each issue now which is kind of exciting. I have to change my name though so I can’t be recognised, but all good 🙂

Ooow also caught up with a friend in Queensland which was REALLY lovely. I miss talking to sex workers and woman in this industry. They really are remarkable and you can be you and say what you think and it’s just so liberating to be able to be you for a change. At straight work you can’t be you and you put a different personality on and hide who you are so you fit the desired mould/culture; the only thing family knows about you is your real name… yup other sex workers and my much loved regulars know who I really am. I escape into my regular gents and good hooker friends to be the real me.

Anyway gotta go to bed so I can get up for another day at that place,

Take care everyone and hope you’re all smiley



ps. to the people who I haven’t been answering emails in a professional manner ie. not within 12 hours, I’m so sorry. Lucy is trying hard to get her shit together and be more professional with responding to emails.

ps. here is a pic of me un-photoshopped so there is no mistakes for people thinking of booking me based on my blog alone..

 Lucy Sydney Escort

Lucy Sydney Escort


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Dear Lucy

It is always difficult to fathom why we are rejected by some people and loved by others. I hope that you don’t mind, but in order to help you understand why a client of yours may leave mid session, I have undertaken an intense study of your website, your web galleries, andavailable escort review sites.
I have coded this information into a binary format then fed this raw data into a social science algorythm, cross referencing the Kinsey report into the male sexual psyche and have compiled a list of the ten most probable reasons that any client of yours might choose to walk out. I hope that this is not too confronting for you, but here we go…
1. He is Gay
2. He is Gay
3. He is Gay
4. he is Gay
5. He is Gay
6. He is Gay
7. He is Gay
8. He is Gay
9. He is a Homosexual – for the politically correct among us
10. Back to Gay

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further interpretation or explanation for any of the points listed above.



Comment by Anonymous

Aaaaaw PJ you’re GLORIOUS!

I should have your phone number on speed dial – a girl can always use a bit of boy logic when it comes to life, the universe and everything. Girls do react, boys do logic… most refreshing and helpful you are 🙂



ps. you’ve made me smile.. that makes you logical, refreshing AND priceless 🙂

Comment by Lucy Blake

Hi Lucy, as an avid Internet junkie I stumbled across your blog and well I suppose first things first… You have a remarkable talent to write and thoroughly enjoyed reading some of your blog posts. I can understand how disappointed you were when that guy walked out and thought that I may be able to provide some insight as to why he did. Not defending him but he is probably a good guy deep down but needed some excitement in his life, then while he got there he was nervous as all hell as he was prob married or in a relationship and I guess after 20 minutes the guilt probably started to work up within his soul got scared and thought best to leave. I can almost guarentee you it had nothing to do with what you wore, the way you looked or what was happening at the time. The reason I say this all is that I was in a similiar position but explained it to the woman before I left and she totally understood. After some time I came back and followed through. From judging from your website further, your beautiful gorgeous pictures and reviews I would say you must be one incredible woman. If I may I would like to install your faith in mankind again by offering you something special if you like. Take care and was fun reading your blogs 🙂

Comment by Phil


Thank you so much for your careful thoughts. If he was married it would have been ok, but nope this was a simple case of “eeeew you’re gross!” hahaaa. On the upside, it has made me re-write some parts of my website, think about who I am, who I like to be with and how we would like the world to turn together.

It is fantastic that you let the lady know why you were leaving. I have had someone leave after explaining they were in the same situation you were when you left. For gents like you, I have nothing but admiration because I know how scary it can be to have to not only tell the lady you’re leaving, but express where your head and heart is at in an open and honest way. VERY tricky.

Thank you for your lovely comments re: my website, reviews and blog as well. It means a lot to me that you took the effort to get to know me as a person before writing.


Comment by Lucy Blake

Hi Lucy,I have to agree with Peter, How can someone walk out on you like that. I remember on the occasions on when we meet one noticed as soon as the door open the vibe flowed in the area of your beauty,able to listen and communicate. If one did not leave at the end with a smile on his face then he must be hard to please.
One last thing Lucy, I just purchased a shop called of all things ”Lucy’s Chocolate Shop ”.

Comment by Col

Lucy, when you see a jerk like that (and I hope he realises what a mistake he made and kicks himself ), remember that you are the reason I try to find excuses to come to Sydney. You have always been very upfront about yourself. and an adventure with you is always different and enjoyable (whatever happens). I do like that picture too!

Comment by Peter.88188

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