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FleshLight Toy Review!

Helloooo Everyone!

I’ve just finished writing a toy review and here ’tis…


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Many boys swear by these things, I hate these things and the clients I have used them with find them equaly unimpressive! So it would appear it may be a good thing for a boy to use alone, not in company. SO what leads us to this decision? Read on….

What is it?

A Fleshlight is a male masturbation device that was actually designed by a man in the UK (where else?!) when his wife was going through a high risk pregnancy so he couldn’t bonk her so he came up with an alternate way to get his sperm off. It was patented under the guise of being a ‘discreet sperm collection device’

What are the different parts important to the toy?

A Fleshlight comprises of 3 important parts and they are:

  1. the innards / inner sleeve – this is the fleshy part inside the canister that feels flesh like flesh, hence the first part of the toys name “flesh”
  2. the outer canister – this is the housing for the inner sleeve and looks like the casing of portable torch light, hence the second part of the toys name “light”
  3. the bottom lid – this is the section at the bottom of the flesh light canister that you screw on and off, that adjust the amount of suction and therefore stimulation that the boy receives – basically it regulates the tightness of the inner sleeve

Different Types

Fleshlights come in all different colors, sizes, textures and looks. You can get casing and in the inner sleeve in colors including pink, blue, gold, pink, grey, brown, black.. basically you think of the color and they’ll have it. This is a visual thing, so boys will choose pink if they like white ladies with pink bits, crystal if they’d like to see thru the fleshligh so they can watch their dicks moving in and out, blue if they fantasise about bonking aliens etc.

The outer lips of it or point of entry come in different moulds including vagina, anus, buttocks, mouth and slot – from the discussion I’ve had with boys, this point of entry design is 99% a visual thing and the one you chose, wont have a huge impact on how it physically feels.

Some couples who do swinging or people who may be bonking/masturbating mutliple men at once, will have a variety of colors because they are for single person use only. This is because they can’t be cleaned to the point of sterilisation. Having multiple colors allows each person to easily identify which one is their’s and safest to stick their dick in. Men may also have multiple colors so they can easily identify which inner sleeve has what texture ie. blue inner sleave has lots of bumps so gives maximum stimulation, pink inner sleave has a single channel so not as much stimulation

What’s inside it?

Inside the casing or the torch part is the inner sleave. This sleave is made out of a gel that has about 600 letters in it so we wont go into that. The important things to know are that it feels very tactile and gooey like flesh and because of what it is made out of, you cannot use anything but water based lubricants in it or you will destroy the sleeve.

The inner sleeve comes with lots of different ribbings that are designed to change the type of stimulation a man is getting. The more pronounced the ridges/bumps, the more the stimulation. The picture above on the end will give the least amount of stimulation and is often used by men for marathon training which is where they will jerk off and jerk off and try not to cum for as long as possible. They believe this will then prolong their staying power when they are bonking a real person.

How do you use it?

Pictures removed because they look rude and WordPress wont like that

A Fleshlight holds loads of promise when you first fantasise about buying one, however when you get them home and try to use them, I found that promise pretty much disappeared. I found them incredibly difficult to use because of the suction involved. You need to be a weight lifter to be able to pump them hard enough, fast enough and tight enough to use them properly. I have used them in the following way…

electrical play – when I have had a man tied down and hooked up to a Tens Unit, there will be wires and bits attached to his penis, inner thighs, outside of anus; there will be an electric butt plug inserted, electric tourniquets at two points of his penis and an electric wand I roam over different points of his body. To do electrical play properly you also need to use alot of special lube and LOTS of it so the man doesn’t get burnt. For these reasons a flesh light is often the best way to bonk a man because there are simply to many wires and to much lube everywhere to be able to get on him and do it yourself.

forced abstinence – this is where you may be playing the no sex game with your client if you’re engaging in a bit of Mistressing. For some clients I see, they don’t want to be allowed to have sex until I believe they have learnt it. For these boys, if they are deemed to have pleased me in a booking, behaved themselves and done what they are told, I’ll allow them to sit in the corner of the room and jack off into the Fleshlight.

Extreme Tie and Tease – I use them in extreme tie and tease to simply get another form of stimulation. The guys I have used them on don’t think they feel like real vagina’s, but do say they supply an interesting feeling of stimulation. Basicaly I use it to mix the physical stimulations up a bit

trick sex – I know some ladies who tie their clients down, blindfold them and then stick this between their legs and jump up and down to trick their client into believing they are having sex with them. I have tried this with a few of my clients and they all thought it was hilarious (mind you my clients all think I’m ridiculous and laugh at me lots). In a nutshell, it didn’t work and you’d have to be a body builder to pull it off they are that hard to use.

periods sex – some ladies who have good regulars who like to see them even if they have their periods and don’t want to bonk will use these. The lady will stick one between her legs, hold it in place with her thighs and hands and let her client bonk her from behind. This is a great use of FleshLight for a lady and client alike – like I said though, generally only good regulars who like to have some giggles with you and are comfortable with you will partake in this activity.

mix it up – I pull out different toys, yoga positions, latex dresses, lingerie, whatever all the time. A new toy will stimulate, will make people giggle as you explore how to use it; I verbally write reviews with my client as we are using it as a way to make horny/dirty talk and to have a laugh… I try new things all the time to keep me an interesting, fun and words removed because WordPress wont like it 🙂

Issues when using a Fleshlight

The hardest thing I find as a sex worker using these toys is the fact it takes more muscle than I have to move it up and down! They are an extremely labour intensive toy to the point it makes me want to throw it across the room at the wall! This difficulty moving it is cause by the suction you need inside the inner sleeve to grip the guys dick like a vagina would. The amount of suction is controlled by unscrewing the cap on the bottom of the outer canister (see pic to the left directly above). The tighter it is screwed on, the more suction inside the canister so the tighter the flesh light will grip the guys word removed because WordPress wont like it. Screwed on tight =words removed because WordPress wont like it. To combat this I will take them out of the canister and just grip them with my hand. If i do this I can also squeeze tighter at certain times to mimick a vagina clamping down on his word removed because WordPress wont like it and to mix up the stimulation – be warned.. they are very slippery buggers out of their canisters.

The fleshligh is also very big in both the length and girth. They are extremely difficult to hold because they are built for big man hands not for girl hands. This means you have to hold onto them with both hands, or you’ll never be able to pick it up/move it up and down. This is annoying for me as a sex worker because I am always doing at least 4 things at all times and if two hands are occupied with one activity, that means I am only doing 1 – 2 things at a time.

Cleaning Issues

Cleaning it is GROSS – if the guy sentence removed because WordPress wont like it you have to try and wash all the word removed because WordPress wont like it out and GOOD LUCK with that! The problem with it is, it has all of those grooves and bumps inside of it that the words removed because WordPress wont like it wells up in and around. You also can’t get your hand inside it, use overly hot water, use soaps etc, so it is next to impossible to clean out properly.

You cannot boil it or it will melt and disintegrate. You cannot squirt it with enviroclean or other hospital grade disinfecting agents you should be cleaning all your toys with after you have washed them. For this reason, they are one person toys and cannot be used with multiple clients. I keep Fleshlights in different colors for different clients who I do alot of electrical play, forced abstinence, forced feminisation, extreme tie and tease with no bonking.

When you have cleaned them out as best you can which you do by running water thru them for an hour (or as long as you feel it takes to flush all the gunk out), you need to dry them as best as you can. This means you leave them in a dry light room, but not in direct sunlight. You will need to rotate them if they are lieing on their sides and move them around because the fleshlight inner sleeve can collapse in on itself which means all the water wont evaporate.

Once it is as dry as you can get it, you can put talcom powder or corn flower inside it to dry up the last little bits of water you haven’t gotten out.


See full size image

You can get all sorts of accessories for Fleshlights now, although I would have thought they would have come along much further now since they have been out for a few years. You can get the above furniture you can stick your word removed because WordPress wont like it in while gripping / lieing down on the top bench part of it for extra support (much like sentence removed because WordPress wont like it with men), you can get the Fleshlight arm chair holder pictured above much like the ones you can buy to stick your remote controls in at home (this would be good if you like to use multiple fleshlights in a session and have a different color for different stimulation, or for Fleshlight suggestion removed because WordPress wont like it, or you can buy the Fleshlight super turbo description removed because WordPress wont like it (designed for girls I believe who don’t have the strength to word removed because WordPress wont like it partner off because of the suction issues, or would be brilliant for a dungeon setting). They are also now making vibrating Fleshlights you can purchase for a lots more, which is basically a Fleshlight they have inserted a bullet vibrator into the bottom of the canister with it.. ooooow aaaaaah impressive! Just so you know – it is cheaper to buy a Fleshlight and then the bullet vibrator seperately and insert the vibe into the bottom of the canister yourself by a looooong shot.

How much do they cost and where do you get them?

LOT’S! Considering their usage, inability to sterilise, difficulties when using them, the fact you can get waaaaaaaay cheaper (asn in 600% cheaper) imitations, they are a ridiculously over priced item. I buy them for my clients who are  either label word removed because WordPress wont like it and for slaves who need a big, cumbersome reminder of who they are and what they are doing.

Fleshlight Australia’s official site

Fleshlight’s sale page

Fleshlight’s packages page

MyShopping  begin at $169–225_Adult_Products_Fleshlight__fs_33060_e__

Cheaper alternatives

Pictures removed because WordPress wont like it

There are a gazillion alternatives to flesh light and ALL of them are cheaper.

Dealing with the Fleshligh company

Let’s just say the franchise in Australia who imports them discrimminates against sex workers – they even banned me from their forum for disclosing I was a sex worker and was asking for input on how to use them and care for them in industrial settings! They banned me then sent me an email saying they’d be happy to sell me a gazillion, but didn’t want me on their forum because it was a family product and they didn’t want it being associated with the sex industry… CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!! A family product for word removed because WordPress wont like it sake.. anyhoooo.

I also had lots of problems trying the product online from the company in Australia. I bought some and then months past by and I didn’t receive them and then after multiple emails was told they had run out of the crystal fleshlights and casing blah blah boring blaaah. Now I buy them in person from a shop, online, or at the big toys wholesaler.

I don’t frequent or support any business that discrimminates against sex workers or anyone else for that matter.

From a Mans Perspective…


Would you purchase one again : no – a cheaper version gives you more stimulation, are less bulky, easier to clean, and a gazillion times cheaper

Did they do the job: yes and no – they do not do a good job at what they were designed to do, but if used as a punishment tool for slaves, forced abstinence, for a laugh etc they can be good. I had to think long and hard to come up with ways to make them useable

Was it worth the money: definately not

Good points: none – (although the Fleshlight company is quite good with their marketing – just a shame their product is crap)

Bad points: read my review above and the guys review link posted above

Did your clients like them: no

Overall rating: 0 out of 10 if it was for free, but because it cost me $160 that makes it -500 out of 10

If you’d like to see more toy reviews, you can have a weee perve at

or hit on this banner to go to the Home Page on ….

Australian Escort Information Flesh Light Toy Reviews

Australian Escort Information Flesh Light Toy Reviews

If you want to write me a toy review, I’d love to have it to stick on the wiki, so be sure to get fiddling with all your bits and pieces and let me know about it!
Happy play times people!

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Wow thats really weird, I came across this site the other day that has almost the same name as the male perspective review

Comment by FunnyCoincidence

Lol, I was so close to buying one and was looking around for ages but the male perspective review has dampened my spirits :(. I found a site that gives them away as prizes so I might just try to win one :p.
Thanks for the fleshlight review.

Comment by LuckyFind

Lucy, I actually bought a fleshlight after you mentioned it in a previous blog. The best way to clean them is to turn them inside out (relatively easy to do) and then when clean and dry, restore it to its normal state

Comment by Peter.88188

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