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Been writing for my wiki!

Hellooo Everybodies!

I’ve spent the weekend catching up on my wiki. I’ve written more on escorting (I think I did escorting to offices and hotels) and some other stuff. Hmmm ooow and I am just in the middle of doing Dinner Bookings. The wiki is to provide info to ladies and clients alike. If interested go have a look here:

Hmmm or here is an example.. I’ll put the dinner booking one below. If anyone wants to add something to the wiki, comment etc, please feel free to log in and do so, or pop me an email!

This page we’ll look at the ins and out of doing dinner bookings or bookings in public with clients. These are unique because they involve you both being seen in public with your client, so certain etiquette is needed and you’ll need to take some things into consideration to protect both you and your clients discretion. You’ll also need to think about what you feel comfortable doing in public and where you feel comfortable going.

What is a dinner booking?

A dinner booking is basically what it says – a dinner booking! A dinner booking has to involve food and either being at a restaurant, at his house if he is cooking, or your house if you’re cooking with him – it’s not simply a measure of time. Some guys will be shifty and try and make a dinner booking and decide to keep you in their hotel room and get room service, or decide at the last minute to order take away food at their place if you’re escorting, but that is not a dinner booking. A dinner booking is basically a booking that involves food being freshly cooked while you wait, during which time you indulge in polite non sexual conversation and non sexual physical contact.  It is important to differentiate between a dinner booking and a normal booking because quite often these days, ladies will discount on their hourly rate if it’s a dinner booking.

The three types of dinner bookings

  1. restaurant – you both go to a restaurant
  2. he cooks – either at his house while you’re escorting, or your house if doing an incall
  3. you cook – you cook a baked dinner etc for him either at his house or your house

Restaurant Dinner Bookings Things to Consider..

1. Being scene in public
When doing a dinner booking at a restaurant you will be scene in public. If your family, friends, people you work with in your straight job or other escorts see you, you may be able to pass some gents off as friends or family, however MANY guys you wont be able to get away with this. Remember your client also may bump into friends, family or work mates as well. The key to being in public with a client is not to do anything that you or he may regret if scene by friends, family or work mates. It will absolutely be tempting to get lost in the moment / fantasy, but you have to remember you’re a professional and must never lose site of who you are and what you’re doing. It’s your job to keep your feet in reality and keep your client safe from friends, family and work mates at all times. Don’t get caught doing anything either of you can’t talk your way out of if he was scene by his wife with you is the golden rule.

Many clients will do dinner bookings when interstate because it limits the chances of him being caught in public. Just remember you have a life in your home State, so if he wants to hold hands/kiss in public/bonk in public etc, think of what you’re comfortable with, think of the risks to yourself and don’t do it unless you can deal with the consequences. I always negotiate it with the client if he goes to grab my hand and be blatantly clear by saying “are you sure it’s ok to hold my hand because I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble?”. If he says yup no problem and he is perfectly clear, then I decide on my comfort level.

2. Where to go for dinner
This can either be the fun bit or the torture bit. There are a few choices and they are.

i. Degustation
Think Tetsuya’s, Altitude – This menu is where you have 6+ courses in a meal. Some restaurants such as Tetsuya’s only have a degustation menu. This meal will take 3+ hours to eat and you will be offered the choice of having a wine matched to each course of the meal. If you are a

  • foodie
  • if your client doesn’t spend all day everyday in fancy restaurants doing business deals
  • if your client loves going to restaurants and having long discussions over candle light
  • if time is of no consequence (ie. you are doing an overnighter or longer booking)
  • if you can eat ANYTHING (there is no point in going to Tetsuya’s if you hate raw fish which is the signature dish and only eat chicken)
  • if you can make intelligent conversation for hours
  • if you can handle being in very fancy restaurants
  • if your client doesn’t want to have wild sex afterwards (there is NO WAY a boy is going to be able to bonk for the 4 hours after he eats 6+ courses)
  • if money is no issue for your client (degustation is generally pretty expensive as a rule)

……then a degustation menu is for you!

When considering if you should get a matching wine with each course, think about how much you can drink, how drunk you mind your client getting and if you have to bonk afterwards. A glass of wine with each course is going to make him VERY sleepy on top of all of the food and going to make him slightly tipsy to say the least. Just remember you have to manage the consequences of this menu and wine when you leave the restaurant.

If you are looking for a restaurant that does degustation, simply Google it. Be sure to look at the restaurants menu because some of the restaurants I’ve been to, can have some fairly whacky options. I went to Quay restaurant once and had to eat pigs cheeks stuffed with pig trotters and pigs ears… made me cry to see the poor little pig all mooshed up.. literally I thought it was so sad I cried!

The other thing about restaurants who do desgustation menus is that they will generally have their acts together when it comes to desert. These fine establishments will usually have a desert tasting platter (or will make you one if you ask sweetly and bat your eye lashes) which is where you can have a single serve of every single desert they make – very civilised darling 🙂 So even if you go to this restaurant and your client decides not to have degustation, you will still be able to get a desert tasting plate 🙂

Restaurants that serve degustation live to suck up your arse and take people’s money. If you don’t like a particular course, you can always ask for a vegetarian option. Asking for another option for every course or for the signature dish, is considered bad taste and bad manners though. These restaurants have an ability to make raw tuna taste like fairy floss though, so even if you hate a particular food in real life, I would always say try it at a fancy restaurant because it will taste nothing like you thought possible in real life and you may find you love it!

Dress code is you will need to dress to the 9’s and he will need to wear a suit and tie or wear equally expensive casual attire

ii. Fancy Restaurant
Think Aria, Fourty One, Altitude etc These places the dress code is the same as where you’d go for degustation and often these restaurants will do a degustation menu. See above for who they suit, whats offered etc

iii. Mid Range Restaurant
This restaurant will be something that is a little more low key but you’ll probably be sitting at a table with a table cloth. Think dress suit with no tie for him, you may be able to get away with jeans and stilettoes, although I would never wear jeans on a booking. Think fancy but no as uncomfortable as dressed up to go to a wedding.

A mid range restaurant would be like one of those restaurants down along the water front at Darling Harbour or on the promenade at Circular Quay (under Aria). Sorry for othe States I don’t know your eateries/restaurants very well.

In these restaurants dinner will generally take 2 hours to eat at and will usually have a selection of food with 3 courses max. If the gent asks you to choose the restaurant, ask him if he likes seafood, steak, Asian etc, to narrow down the choice a little bit. Desert is usually pretty shite in these places so not my favorite places to dwell 😦

If you..

  • don’t think your client wants to spend $500+ on dinner
  • are on a 4 hour dinner booking (2 hours at dinner and 2 in bedroom)
  • need to bonk immediately afterwards
  • don’t have fancy enough clothes to go to a full on fancy restaurant
  • are intimidated by fancy restaurants
  • can’t make 4+ hours of polite conversation
  • are on a diet

…… then these are the restaurants for you and your client

iv. Low Key Shabby Chic
Think you can absolutely wear jeans and stilettoes, cargo pants and flip flops, summer dress etc and he can wear whatever he darn well likes. Examples would be local pizza shop, sushi train, Hogs Breath Cafe (aaargh), KEBABS (shudder in horror), basically those sorts of places you would take a real life partner. Guys who like to go to these restaurants include…

  • Big Shot business men who spend all day, all their lives in fancy fancy restaurants, hate them, are over them, don’t want a large credit card bill they can’t wipe off completely on expenses
  • Big Shots who are sick of wearing suits
  • Big Shots who think it’s cute/a novelty/living the fantasy of being normal and slumming it
  • Regulars who want to spend time with you as a ‘real person’
  • Regulars you know VERY well
  • Gents you are on 24+ hour bookings with
  • Drunk clients
  • the guy who took me to Hogs Breath Cafe told me he hated me and my feminist ways so he was protesting and teaching me a lesson by taking me to Hogs Breath… so people who hate you I suppose
  • People who are completely unpretentious, yet not stingey with your fee
  • People who don’t have much money
  • People who love saying “toot toot” as the Sushi Train goes around at Sushi Train like I do! TOOOT TOOOOOT I love Sushi Train TOOOT!

If you want desert, you will have to stop off in 7/11 OR go to a Danish Ice Cream Shop, or go to City Extra 24/7 for strawberry pancakes, ice cream and maple syrup, or go to Woolworths to get Oreo’s etc

3. Desert

The question for me when someone is making a dinner booking is ALWAYS “can I order every desert on the menu?”. If the answer is no, I wont go on a dinner booking. It’s not that I want every desert on the menu, but for me it’s more like my screening procedure. If a boy says no, I know he isn’t going to be any fun and more than likely someone who will order the cheese at the end of the meal and I NEVER like guys who order the cheese platter.

Now if you happen to want to get every desert in a restaurant, suck up to the wait staff (even though your client will get VERY pissed off you’re being as nice to the wait staff as you are him), smile sweetly, tell them their food is glorious and just pop out and ask it. Has worked for me every time 🙂 I don’t know why desert is so important to me that I had o write a whole section on it… it just bloody well is!

4. Foods to Order

Anytime I get to a restaurant this is the trickiest bit. Every other lady I know who has done dinner bookings finds this step crucial as well. The issue is, what can you eat without wearing it?! Spagetti is a NO NO. Lobster is a NO NO unless in a fancy restaurant where they take it out of the shell. A sushi restaurant is a no no unless you can eat with chop sticks. Mixed leaf salad is a no no because you can never stick an entire lettuce leaf into your mouth elegantly. When choosing food think about

  • what it will look like when you’re putting it in your mouth if someone is watching you – slurping up spagettie is never going to be a good site
  • think about what it will taste like to kiss you after you eat it (don’t order garlic prawns)
  • think about if you have to bonk after it – eating a medium rate steak and then having to bonk an hour later is not a great idea
  • think about how much it costs – don’t order lobster if you know your client has saved all year to be able to afford your booking rate and the cost of your dinner. It’s not really good Karma to do that to someone who can’t afford it
  • research the restaurant and find out the dish they are best known for and order that
  • nothing that makes you fart – I had a client who always use to eat Mexican before a booking with me and then want to do strap on stuff with me. I’ll NEVER forgive him 😦
  • I always order the dish my client would have gotten as his second choice so he can have some of mine and have everything he wanted

5. Etiquette

There are certain things you can do that will annoy your client and get you a lecture or a very unhappy glare and they are things like…

  • let him place the order with the waiter – I always like to order because I’m a control freak. Everytime I’ve done this however, boys get very cranky at me. Except of course boys who think it’s very amusing I’m a nutter and laugh alot when I order. In general though, boys like to do the ordering, so let them order
  • don’t fidget
  • don’t spend to much time in the toilet
  • put your mobile on silent and do not answer it in a restaurant or let it light up when it rings
  • don’t be overly friendly to the wait staff – every time I’ve been nice to the wait staff, cleaners, elevator men, guy who opens the door, guy who parks the car etc etc, the client has HATED it and I get a lecture about how I shouldn’t be nice to the hired help pfft. Except of course the guys who like nutters and they laugh at me some more.
  • don’t under dress for a dinner booking
  • don’t get drunk
  • don’t eat like a bird and only peck at food. Guys take you to dinner bookings because they want to enjoy he food with someone who experiences it with them
  • don’t talk to loud so others can hear your converation
  • don’t complain about the food no matter how gross it is
  • don’t be boring – make conversation, it’s your job to make and carry the conversation
  • don’t order the most expensive wine, food no matter how rich he is – it’s ugly to be tacky and thoughtless
  • don’t order food that will make you taste gross eg. anything with garlic in it
  • don’t take your vibrator – it ALWAYS turns on in your bag and then your bag will start vibrating across the floor, and then it will tip over and your vibrator will go bouncing across the room.. very ugly moment that one and it ALWAYS happens if you have a vibrator in your bag
  • don’t eat his food – they always get the shits if you ask them to share their food
  • don’t forget to offer your food to him – they always get the shits if you don’t share your food
  • don’t talk about other dinner bookings you’ve been on or talk up other restaurants you’ve been to and say one was better than the one you’re sitting in right there and then
  • don’t be overly touchy feely

6. Difficulties of Dinner Bookings

There are lot’s of things that could go wrong or can make you feel on edge in a restaurant dinner booking. They will vary depending on the client and where you go for dinner of course but the one’s I’ve experienced and had other ladies talk to me about include things like…

i. Hating him as soon as you get to dinner – get to the booking and 10 minutes into the booking the guy begins saying incredibly insulting things and you want to stick his soup spoon up his arse. If he was at your house, you’d just bonk him so he’d stop talking, but in a restaurant you can see 2 long hours stretching out before you. An example may include a guy telling you, you shouldn’t order the pasta because it comes with a cream based sauce and you look like the sort of person who has to watch their weight because your fat; don’t talk to the cleaner in the lift because he is below you; wow you’re a pig for a girl! I’ve had 2 nibbles on my entree and you’ve already finished yours oink oink; etc etc.

There are a few ways to handle this… either get up and walk out with your entire fee, stick the soup spoon up his arse, smirk thru dinner and stop listening to him knowing he is never going to get anything but missionary position with you lieing on your back when you get him back to your house, go to the toilet every time he says something insulting (if he’s real bright he’ll associate insults with your absense), let him know he is insulting you and you are going to be forced to tie him down and force your largest vibrator up his arse when you get back to your house if he doesn’t stop.

Basically though, remember you are a lady and a professional and no-one can take that from you but yourself. It doesn’t matter what someone may say, all that matters is what you believe and the standard of behavior you set for yourself.

Still more to come on dinner bookings, but I have to go night night now because i have to go to work tomorrow. Anyhoooo…

Night night,




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Hiya Lucy.

We had our first dinner date this past Saturday. It went fantastic and we had a great time. We didn’t go anywhere too fancy, just a nice low key casual restaurant in the CBD. I think she really enjoyed it. I’m definitely going to do it next time.

Thanks again for the advice. 🙂

Comment by Rhys

OMG Rhys how brave and awesome and perfect of you! I’m very excited to hear that it went so well. Which option did you go for? Low Key or all dressed up fancy pants dinner?

Eeeeck How EXCITING!!


Comment by Lucy Blake

Actually some pretty useful advice. I am going to take my favourite lady out to dinner for the first time when I next see her, so you’ve given me some useful tips. Thanks Lucy. 🙂

Comment by Rhys

Hi Rhys!

Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 I love going on a dinner booking with a boy I have already gotten to know – they are very different if you’ve never met the guy. You should have an absolutely LOVELY time and she will feel like such a Princess to be spoilt like that. If you pick the restaurant and company well, it is really the perfect way to spend a few hours.

Have a super lovely time and let me know how it goes if you want to be all excited to someone – I do excitement hehehee.


Comment by Lucy Blake

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