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… and here’s one from the wiki on Office Escorting

Escorting to an Office / clients work place

This means going to a clients place of work. Hopefully you will be asked to go out of business hours where the chances are less likely someone will be there. Sometimes however clients have been known to get ladies in when others are in the office. I would not recommend this!

1. Issues involved

Escorting to a clients work place is full of issues. Things like.. is there anyone else there? What are the chances of someone else turning up because they left something at work or want to come in to do some work out of hours etc? Do you have to go straight to another job, because there isn’t going to be anywhere to shower at an office job. Do you like wham bam sex bookings because that’s all you get in an office job – it is ALL about the sex. Are you able to keep your cool? It is a VERY stressful form of escorting etc etc etc

2. What to wear

Many girls these days are wearing jeans or pants when escorting. If you are going to someone’s office I recommend you wear a dress or skirt for two main reasons. Firstly, there are usually NO showers in someone’s office and if there are, they usually wont let you use them – they consider this a waste of time when they are risking being caught at work – sexually satisfying themselves is worth the risk, your hygiene and comfort is another thing altogether. Having to put on a pair of jeans or pants when you’re covered in lube is uncomfortable to say the least and will show a wet patch when you’re walking down the street.

The other reason to wear a dress is because it is easier to pull down if you can manage to stay clothed if someone walks in. I would recommend you always try and stay as dressed as possible in an office.

Don’t wear anything that is fiddly to get on. If you wear stockings, wear a pair of stay up stockings rather than stockings and suspenders for example. If the guy insists you take the stockings off, you aren’t going to want to dick around at the end spending 10 minutes with the fiddly clasps to try and make them stay up.

I’d go in a suit because you are more likely to blend into the surrounds to others who may be in an office next door or if someone walks in. Discretion is everything in an office job
3. Hygiene

When doing an office job, always pop a packet of baby wipes into your bag. This is so you can have a virtual shower so you don’t have to feel so icky on your way home and so you can go straight to your next job if you have too. They can also be handy if you have to wipe some lube up off a board room table or off your clothes. Remeber office = no shower 99% of the time and even if there is a shower, good luck finding a towel to dry yourself with (suppose you could always use toilet paper or stand under one of those blow hand dryers!)

4. Security cameras

Guys will generally fantasise about bonking you in a aprticular room in a particular way in the office. This is one of the most overly thought bookings you will do. Some guys will want to bonk you in the mail room because it is a room they walk past everyday but don’t have to look at all day so they will only be distracted by thoughts of you when they walk past it. Mail rooms, reception areas and even the office in general may have security cameras installed. Be sure to have a look around which ever room he chooses to bonk you in for security cameras. You may think he wont bonk you in a room with security cameras because he doesn’t want to get caught, but he may own the business so has access to whatever is recorded and can disappear it after making a copy etc.

Also be careful if bonking in his office that you are not doing it directly in front of his computer if he has a webcam set up. Have a look around to ensure none of the other computers have a webcam aimed in your direction because he may be bonking on the boss’s desk, but the webcam on his desk may be aimed directly at you.

5.  Cleaning up after yourself

This has turned into an optional extra these days. If you are someone from the old school who believes an escort should leave no trace that she was there, then be sure to take a plastic bag to put any tissues, used condom, lube wrappers you may use inside. The boss coming in the next day and seeing your hand prints all over the board room table is not ideal, nor is seeing condom wrappers in the garbage bin.

6. Finding the building

This is something you should get really clear instructions on over the phone when you take the booking. Office places can be VERY difficult to not only find whether it be a generic office in the City or it can be even worse if it’s on an Industrial site. Many fancy offices these days are located in huge industrial complexes that may have up to 20 different companies owning buildings in the same area. For example in North Ryde in NSW all of the major computer companies own office spaces there. In the industrial complexes, the building names and numbers may be weird, so it’s not like finding a normal building on the street. If someone says the building address is H11.2b.54 North Drive West, good luck finding that! Find out what the building looks like, any signage on the building, what color the building is, if anyone else shares the building, how to get to it if it’s an industrial site; basically get really clear step by step instructions or you may never find it.

7. Getting in once you’re there

After hours security can be a huge drama. At the end of the day, office blocks generally go into lockdown which means the doors no longer automatically slide open or push open when you arrive. This means your client will either have to come down to the front door to get you, or buzz you in and up to the floor if the elevator has lift security after hours and you need to be buzzed/swiped up to the floor he is on.

For this reason, be sure when you take the booking you take down the name of the company he works for, land line of the company, his direct line, his mobile phone number, the number of the floor he is on, the suite number he is in, and what the name on the door you have to go thru once you’re on his floor says. Also when you’re on the phone to him, ask him what he wants you to do once you get to the building. Does he want you to go straight up, call him on his mobile, will he come down and meet you at the front door, will the doors still be open, will the lift work without having to be swiped up etc.

Once you arrive, you’ll have to call him to let him know you are there to get the final all clear that everyone has left his office and no-one has popped into work unexpectedly.

8. Getting locked in

Getting locked in someone’s work place can be a little bit scary. If you get locked in keep your cool and remember often the simplest answer is the right answer. At the front doors look for the big red or green button to the right or left hand side of the doors that you press that releases the front doors. You can always try going back to the guys office, but the few times I’ve been locked in, the guy has either not opened the office door when I knock to tell him to let me out, or he caught the next lift down to the carpark after I left and is long gone.

Don’t go down a set of fire stairs because the door will generally lock behind you so you wont be able to get out of the stair well. Don’t catch the lift down to the car park to look for another exit because they are dark and therefore dangerous; everyone might have gone home so you may be stuck down there until the next morning if the lift wont let you back up to an office floor.

99% of the time there will be a security gaurd who roams around the building or is looking at you on camera. If all else fails and you can’t get out, signal him on the cameras or track him down in the security room and he’ll let you out. Just tell him you’re a secretary at an accounting firm and you were dropping off an enevelope to one of the companies upstairs on the way home from work and got locked in.

9. What to do if a work collegue comes in!

This is always fun… NOT! Most men will do everything they possibly can to ensure no-one will come into the workplace after all self preservation would dictate DON’T GET CAUGHT OR YOU GET FIRED, however… guys who organise to see ladies in the workplace partly do it for the thrill of maybe getting caught. So if their self preservation isn’t necessarily in tip top condition, best yours be on over drive. There will be 2 scenario’s. Firstly he has organised for his mate to come in without telling you and may want him to join in or watch, or secondly someone has come in who he wasn’t planning on and he is officially shitting himself and therefore not thinking clearly so you have to. It doesn’t really matter which of the two scenario’s is true, your response will be about the same and may look something like this:

  1. when you go in to do the job, chances are he has fantasised about bonking you at his desk, his bosses desk, board room etc blah etc. For your safety including avoiding cameras that may be around and in case someone comes in, your job is to ascertain the safest room to see him in. Chances are most people will not want to go into the mail room, store room or Board Room outside of office hours and they will have a door on those rooms that can be closed so you wont be scene as soon as someone walks in. This makes them the best places to do a job. Bonking someone at their desk in an open plan office is a BAD idea. Bonking someone at the reception desk is a bad idea. Bonking anyone in a main thoroughfare or out in the open so you will be scene as soon as someone walks in is a bad idea. Always bonk in a place where you will have 90 seconds to get your g-string pulled up, get your hair organised and bag re-packed so you’re ready to walk out.
  2. remember it is not your job to talk to the person who has come in. It’s not your job to make excuses, not your job to tell them why you wont bonk them as well; not your job to deal with hysterical wives, secretaries or bosses; not your job to talk to security men. All your job is, is to smile sweetly as you get your money, your bag and get out of there.
  3. don’t forget any of your property because the chances of being able to get back in there is less than minimal. Don’t panic, be methodical, take your time and make sure you have your money, bag, clothing, keys and mobile phone.
  4. stick your nose in the air, keep the sweet smile on your face, stick your chest out and walk out calmly ASAP. In other words, stick the same face on you use when walking thru the lobby of a hotel and exit ASAP.

10. What you’re in for in an office job

Office jobs are VERY different to any other you may be asked to do. The sex is different, the fantasy is different, the end game is different, the level of danger is increased, the amount and type of conversation is different and how they treat you is different which may mess with your head.

  1. Sex is different – in an office job the sex will be completely impersonal. Your comfort and/or what you want to do will not come into it at all. You will not be on a bed, you will be bent over tables, bouncing up and down on a guy while he sits on a chair, you will be on your knees getting carpet burn, you will be balancing on a table with a guy hammering you trying to balance your weight and his enthusiasm so the table doesn’t tip over with you on it. They are physically more demanding because you have to keep your stilettoes on and pull of amazing feets of athletism and balance. The sex is often more agro / hardcore / pounding as well
  2. There will be little if any small talk, discussion, getting to know each other. Office jobs are simply about fucking and the guy getting his fantasy off. If you are someone who needs to get to know someone to feel comfortable think carefully before doing this kind of job. I find you need to be able to access a dirty, PSE, Devious, animalistic headspace to enjoy this job. If you are all GFE, chances are you will hate doing this job and hate what it does to your headspace.
  3. The fantasy is not to make love to a beautiful woman, the fantasy will generally be to fuck a woman in a staff room / boardroom he spends hours in that he hates. He will sit there listening to bullshit from his boss or clients thru the week and will begin fantasising about better ways he can make use of the time and the room. He will know it would piss his boss off if he fucked a prostitute on the table in that room, so he will want to do it. He will also want to do it there and in that room, so everytime he walks past it, looks at it or sits in it, he will get the constant pay off being able to smirk about what he has done in there. Some other guys will want to fuck you in the mail room because fucking you at his desk or in the Board room will be to much of a distraction when he is in it, so he will want to do it in the mail room so he is only distracted when he walks past it – re-living the fantasy is in his control in the future. Basically he is focused on achieving the fantasy and the future benefits of it not you when he is bonking you.This means he will be directive and non-negotiable so you need to be firm, know your limits, know how to negotiate and be able to deal with the headfuck of being treated like a fuck doll rather than as a person. If you cannot deal with that, don’t do an office job. This is also the reason guys wont offer you a shower if the office has one after the bonk. Your comfort simply is of no conern and once the fantasy is obtained, they want you out.

The danger is increased 10 fold. Someone could come in, you can be video’d, guys wont let you look around to see the layout of the office etc which is something we make sure we do on all other escort jobs. If you cannot keep your shit together, if you don’t cope with extreme pressure, if you can’t cope with not being able to shower and walking around with lube on your bagina for the 30 minutes it takes to get home, you cannot do this type of job. If you cannot cope with someone’s boss walking in and yelling at you, if you cannot cope with someone’s secretary walking in and seeing you, you cannot do the job. If you cannot cope with your client being extremely pushy and can’t respond assertively to get what you need, then you cannot do this kind of job.

The End

Office jobs are great because they are a break from the norm. They are great if you can access a certain type of headspace. They are great if you’re a little massachistic. They are great if you love conquering Big Shot business men and fantasise yourself about tieing a big shot down to his Board Room table and rogering him senseless (among other things). Office jobs use to be VERY common and for the first 18 months I was a worker, I use to specialise in them – as in did 4 x 2 hour jobs a day, everyday for 18 months working for an elite escort agency. We also did a lot of closures. They are no-where near as common these days, but it is important to know what you’re in for because they really are one of the hardest jobs you can do. There are so many variables and the headspace and sex required is so different, it is really important to think about it before you agree to do it. DO NOT offer a discount on this type of job – you earn every cent here.


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fascinating and entertaining as always, But the smaller font towards the end makes it difficult for those of us with older eyes to read.

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