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Observations for the day….


Number 1
I have been looking at the back end of my site (sounds vaguely unerotic lol) and have found the following terms are put in to WordPress to stumble upon me…

twilight zone alien on wing
big arse escort london

Little Princess

Lucy Blake Little Princess


Laughing Cat

Now this is strange because when we are doing Search Engine stuff, we use terms like Sydney Escort, Australian Escort, blonde Aussie escort etc. I have just spent 2 forevers putting key terms all over my site, when people are finding me in a completely different way (except of course the guy looking for the big arsed London escort).

And it’s Intergalactical Princess  not Little Princess! hmm although I do like Little Princess better

Number 2
Spring Valley has stopped putting Liddle Facts under their juice lids. I have just finished sending off my letter of complaint, detailing my disappointment and letting them know that best they make better juice because I only ever spent $20 a week on their product for the Liddle Facts.  How on Earth would I ever have known that…

all porcupines float in water

an ostriches eye is bigger than it’s brain

a snail can sleep for 3 years

Yup I had a big sook about no longer will I be the most interesting person I know! I will no longer be dinner party ready!

Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the Spring Valley Juice to arrive – when I was younger I was addicted to Sherbie sherbet. I was constantly disappointed by the lack of spoons for shoveling the sherbet into your mouth fast enough they were suppose to supply in each pack, so I wrote a letter to the Sherbie Sherbet Company complaining asking them if they wanted me to snort it stating they were encouraging myself and other 10 year olds to develop a drug habit by snorting sherbet. I got a years supply of sherbet delivered to me in the mail a month later. Then I moved onto ice cream (they had a rep come and deliver me boxes direct to my house!), chips and then chocolate.

Number 3
Your foot really is the length from your elbow to your wrist! I have done the research and today I made everyone at work measure and it’s true. What they say about big hands and big feet and penises is an absolute lie though.

Anyhooo, hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow.

Weet weams

Rodger Dodger over and out

Little Princess Lucy or Lucy Little Princess or just me

Lucy Blah Blah's on


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Thanks for the update

all info is great, nice site

Comment by - Amateur dating comunity

Hi GF, nice to hear from you again, did I claim it was exciting?;)

Comment by Peter.88188

Hrmmphh where’s the excitement in that Peter?

Comment by GF

I found over a 100 Liddle facts on the internet (someone else kindly collated them) and emailed them to you. Lucy will now be dinner party ready again

Comment by Peter.88188

You’ll have to start using Libra pads they have a whole strip of paper stuck to the back with trivia. Gives you something to read on the loo

Comment by GF

Welcome back Lucy

Comment by Peter.88188

Hi Lucy, thinking of all that chocolate ice cream makes one remember the fridge scene in nine and a half weeks. Did you use to stir the ice cream up to make it last longer in the bowl.
On the subject big hands and large feet! size 13 foot plus large hands what a relief!!

Comment by Col

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