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274930.24390 years…

274930.24390 years…. That’s how long it’s going to take me to make 9 billion dollars in my straight job


They make me cry… as a sub you get $350 an hour for the most basic of sub work in a Dungeon. 35 hours a week for $600 BEFORE TAX … god someone flog me… actually crying in a Dungeon doing sub work would be worth waaaaaay more (especially if you meant it)… friggin undercutting myself…. god someone cane me

They are nasty to me – they keep wanting to have these friggin touchy feely conversations with me.

I get DAILY 1/2 hour touchy feely supervision.

I get weekly 2 hour touchy feely you’re an arsehole so explain yourself extended supervision sessions

They’re trying to make me this wishy washy weirdo.

I’m so touchy feely’ed up, I need to shower for 3 hours straight by Friday afternoon I feel so groped

Maniacs: “So tell me about your work like balance Lucy. What do you do on your time off?”

Lucy: “Ummm I believe i spend my leisure time as a “client”. You know those people you feel sorry for and believe they all have AIDS, inject drugs and talk to Gobots because I’ve been hit by a car once or twice whilst standing on my street corner so now I have a brain injury?”


Lucy: “Ummm NONE OF YOUR FREAKING BUSINESS!” (hell certainly not for $600 a week for a 35 hour week BEFORE TAX!

They make me call sex workers “clients” and they are trying to make me believe they are as well! What’s wrong with peers?! What’s wrong with being equal? What’s wrong with understanding the issues, communicating that understanding, then sharing some knowledge together to work out the best solution to an issue? Feels like I’m working for a friggin Political Party and it aint the Democrats and I’m sure as hell not allowed to stand as an Independent!

Hmm wonder how long it would take me to make $9 billion if I worked for the Labor or Liberal Party and not some shitty welfare agency… naaah I stick to being a hooker … at least that way I keep my soul and if I choose to sell it, I get to sell it at a price I determine

They made me cry for $600 for a 35 hour week BEFORE TAX!

They made me cry 3 times TODAY for $600 a week for a 35 hour week BEFORE TAX!

I’m going to send them an invoice

Then I’m going to join a Political Party




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I agree that $600 per week is not a great wage,try and raise a family on $600 per week.
Speaking of dead in jobs! As long as I can pay the bills plus put food on the table

Comment by Col

Man I hear you, working for the man sucks…
Just be glad that you don’t work 60-70 hours a week with in a shitty dead end job where you hate pretty much everyone like I do.

Comment by Anonymous

what does your ‘welfare agency’ do for sex workers?

Comment by Anonymous

Lucy for PM! you would have my vote. But I think it would still take a long time to make 9 billion dollars unless you were a very crooked politician

Comment by Peter.88188

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