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Some people really are a John!
August 31, 2009, 3:57 pm
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Poor John  – hmmm apparently some people when they give their name as John, really are a John! Whoever would have thunk it?! hahahaaa

The irony is beautiful for sex workers in NSW and the moralistic shite we put up with here from our local hypocritical politicians who in the last few years have bought in the most ridiculous anti sex work legislation.

Today is a good day – I’m going to go buy cake AND EAT IT!

Della Bosca quits after sex scandal


September 1, 2009

Sex scandal and resignation... John Della Bosca.
Sex scandal and resignation… John Della Bosca. Photo: Kate Geraghty

THE Health Minister, John Della Bosca, resigned last night after revelations he had an affair with a 26-year-old woman ended hopes he had of becoming premier.

Mr Della Bosca resigned as health minister and leader of the legislative council. He had been in Parliament since 1999 and was a key ally of the former premier, Bob Carr. Mr Della Bosca’s office issued a statement last night saying: ”Tonight I have advised the Premier of my intention to resign as health minister and leader of the government in the NSW Legislative Council.

”At no time did I breach my duties as a minister or member of parliament. I took the decision to resign following a series of questions put to me about my personal life.

”I do not want this issue to be a distraction to the government. ”I regret some personal decisions I made and I am deeply sorry for the hurt I have caused my family.

”It has been a privilege to serve the people of NSW.”

A spokesman for the Premier, Nathan Rees, said last night the minister had phoned the Premier just before 11pm and quit: ”The Premier has accepted the minister’s resignation and accepted his significant contribution to public policy and the NSW government.”

Last month Mr Della Bosca was being touted as the man to replace Mr Rees, with suggestions his long-term ally, the MP for Bankstown, Tony Stewart, may quit the seat of Bankstown to allow him to move to the lower house.

But last night a woman told The Daily Telegraph she had an affair with Mr Della Bosca between March and August this year. ”I don’t know how he managed to do his job when he spent so much time with me,” the woman said.

”There were times when John would cancel work to see me.”

Mr Della Bosca denied the woman’s claims he had taken her to his parliamentary office to have sex without signing the visitors roll and he had missed a flight to a meeting with health officials in Armidale in order to spend time with her.

She also said they had sex on a couch in his office.

Mr Della Bosca’s ambitions were severely dented last year when he and his wife, the federal MP Belinda Neal, were involved an infamous row with staff of the Iguanas Central Coast nightclub.

When telephoned at Mr Della Bosca’s home last night, Ms Neal threatened to call the police. ”How dare you ring at this time of night? I am going to the police,” Ms Neal said.

with Ellie Harvey


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