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Missing in Action AGAIN!

Helloooo People’s! and of course Miss G 🙂

Well I found someone new to put up with me thru the days, yup I have a new straight job! It’s in welfare as usual so the money is very sad as usual, the work is incredibly intense and nothing I thought I’d ever do.  Actually it’s pretty scary pretty much all of the time but being an escort gives you the ability to stand your ground and not react, so I’m surviving, but it’s SCARY I tell ya! Anyhooo I’m completely unqualified and out of my depth and have no idea how to do anything so sounds like it will hold the attention span for a minute or two.

They have no idea I’m a hooker and if they found out I’d be fired. Being a “client” is not a good thing apparently and me being a sex worker would classify me as ‘one of them’ so I have to think about everything I say 4 times before I say it which is a novelty for me! It’s very easy to give yourself away – hmm but I’m probably very paranoid, although the staff would never catch me because they know nothing about sex work (beyond to look down on them and think of it as a self harming issue), but a fellow hooker can spot another hooker a mile off so I have to be careful of ‘clients’.  The staff actually think all sex workers are street workers who all inject drugs, all have mental health issues (fair enough lol), will be homeless for life and do it because they were raped from the age of 2 – they just know the stereotype.  Actually it’s all pretty offensive to me and I find the fact they aren’t sex workers limits them in so many ways.

What else….. They have cut off access to my front door so I’m unable to see anyone I don’t know very well because I have to meet people in the lobby and bring them up to my unit. This will be fixed in another week or two when a part arrives from overseas to fix the intercoms though. But yup at the moment I am only seeing people who have bought me lots of smiles in the past who wont freak out seeing me dressed as a ‘normal’ person at the front door because I can’t go down and answer in my latex or corsettry. WARNING: this will more than likely involve seeing me in flip flops!! hmm maybe  jeans and a pair of heels and a corset if you’re uber lucky, although I do get a bit of a spunky attitiude on if I strap into a corset so careful what you ask for!

Hmmm what else?.. ooow my server is crashing, sooo I’m kind of in the process of building my new site. I’ve bought all of these awesome modules that do all sorts of weird and whacky razzle me dazzle me things, but I can’t seem to get beyond changing the color of the skin over and over again. At the moment I think it’s orange which absolutely clashes with my hair, so best I change it again. To use these modules though I have to be bothered to read how to make them work and my 20 second attention span is not making that possible …. ho hum and stuff. It’s also a bit of a bugger because I don’t have any new pics so I feel like it will be a complete anti climax having a new site – anti climax in this industry is BAD!

So anyhooo I have to run away and go to bed now. Before I run away though I just wanted to say thankyou sooo much to my friend who has sent me the most thougthful email (just like your hugs) because they were worried about me.  I went overseas for a minute or two so I was unable to have access to my email or phone, but I will respond now to the uber lovely people who emailed me.

Take care everybody,



ps. Miss Georgia I’ll give you a call ASAP – our times lines will conflict but, so next time you’re out and about and available after 5pm give me a call and I’ll keep trying you too. Oh and hey I went to Inquisition and it was soooo vanilla I almost died of boredom! I was the most devious person there which is truely depressing. Ooow and there were all of these twinks in harnesses hahahaa was very funny but kind of annoying for my OCD. I spent all night going around readjusting mens harnesses because they weren’t neat – you know when woman wear their bras up to high and the back strap rides up around their necks – that drives me beyond distraction to the point of twitching. Well alot of them had their harnesses all riding up their necks – was freaking me right out! Theeeeen most of them were wearing latex that wasn’t all buffed up so I went around charging people $5 to polish them up – made $225 which I spent on hotdogs and lemonade and buying a new 1 litre nottle of Pjur silicone lube at $200 a pop – so basically I made hotdog money and expenses back… hehehe I’m a good little hooker! Oh and then I had a fight with a guy who reckons he’s a … aaah but that’s a story for you and I in the flesh. Oh and I ripped all the skin off my back and butt from not sweating in my latex (was a freezing cold night) so it all stuck to me and ripped my skin off! Was REALLY ugly but all fixed now.  Love you long time lovely girl and we speak soon 🙂


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You seem to be a very very clever woman !!!:0)

Comment by Anonymous

Hi Lucy, glad to hear you’re ok, although a little disappointed that your travel plans didn’t come to fruition

Comment by Peter.88188

OOOHHHH thank F*%# was about to go hunting in dumps for you. Miss you and oreos xxxxxx

Comment by GF

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