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Ooook haven’t written for a while because life’s shit and I’m lost, but enough about that.. well maybe I’ll torture you with it later if you’re reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally lucky, but for now blow it.

To the UBER cool stuff….

I am inspired.

You HAVE TO devote some serious giggle time to this site..

It’s basically a website the space people on Earth are putting together for everyone on Earth to send messages to aliens on that other planet.. you know the one… the one out and up there… that one!

Lucy says GO WRITE A MESSAGE TO THE ALIENS – I’ve read quite a few pages and haven’t seen anyone qoute a price for a good bonk, so I’m thinking of putting my website up – blimey I’ll be the first hooker in space!!


Anyhooo enough of my hard on wishful thinking… here are some words of wisdom we wish to share…

George Agdgdgwngo
Swaziland, Nigeria

We are not Borg, we are Terran. Resistance can work. Could you please assimilate us? Thx
Bari, Italy

do you want Berlusconi? You are our last chance
Ciro Serpico
Scisciano (NA), Italy

Earth girls are easy!!

Leila Makki
Brooklyn, United States

What does beer taste like on your planet?

Ace Valentine
Sydney, Australia

Don’t ever party with my mate Chris. He is boring and will just go to bed!

London, United Kingdom

How come you never call anymore? and also, I tried adding you on facebook many times but had no response. If its about the drinking…I can change

Melbourne, Australia

Well good day sir. Can I interest you in our new, cutting-edge super-deluxe, luxury model meta-organisers for all toothpick and toothpicking related products.

Sydney, Australia (this chick should be an escort – she sure spins it like an escort)

Most of these messages are stupid. I apologize.

, Ireland

There is no need for further research. The science of global warming is settled. If you come here please send us lots and lots of money to offset your carbon

Tom Gray
Mansfield Quebec, Australia

what I have learnt from these messages:

1. people from Brazil are very into God

2. people from Italy and Brazil are very friendly

3. people most want to share pizza and ice cream with aliens

4. mens most FAQs are about beer, how hot the alien chicks are and is the meaning to life 42

5.  “live long and prosper” is the second most frequently stated sentiment besides “I LOVE YOU”

6.  3 most common themes are either Money, Sex, or a warning that “the Earth is F**ked so either kill us or don’t come”

7. people’s 2 most common concerns for aliens are firstly that we will kill them if they come and secondly if they speak English

8. most commonly used enticement to get aliens to come to Earth is food – cake, ice cream, beer and humans (although there are multiple warnings that humans are toxic so may cause severe diaroeha)

9. Australians are the MOST cynical people on the planet and are completely obsessed with asking aliens for money!

10. two most common requests are for aliens to come to people’s birthday parites and to bring beer, followed by ADD ME TO YOUR FACE BOOK

11. finally it would appear most people have given up on humans saving this planet  and are asking the aliens to come and rescue us from ourselves.

Sooo anyhoooo live long and prosper people’s and may the force be with you,

Intergalactical Princess (IGP) Rodger Dodger over and out


Lucy Sydney Escort

(I’ve got my wings on in that pic ready to fly meeee to the mooooooooooon laaa la la la laaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaa) (hmmm I also have a fat butt in that pic)


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Please come visit me IGP (or send money. You will be blessed, live long and prosper if you do), bring champers (I don’t like beer) and add me to your facebook. I speak English and integalatian.

Comment by GF

Colin was that a slap?!

Colin you are not wrong, watching someone go thru cancer for the third time is shit. I’m doing it myself right now with someone very important to me just given 4 months to live (down to 3 months and 1 week now I suppose) or 12 months if they do some very invasive stuff so she gets 12 months. They’ve just inserted a shunt into her brain and then inject chemo into it all day and night to flush the cancer. She’s making plans but and thinks life’s GREAT… gotta love morphine. So no Colin you’re not wrong cancer sucks, just never assume it’s only your experience.

Many people have many facets to their lives as you do. Because we choose not to talk about it doesn’t mean shit isn’t happening – it’s not about who’s life is worse, or who experiences what; Pain and suckyness isn’t a domain cancer has dibs on alone.

Comment by Lucy Blake

Life is shit and I am lost?. I thought watching someone go through cancer for the third time was shit but as usual I am wrong.

Comment by Col

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