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Did you miss me again?!?!? Best you say YES!

Helloooo all my favourite people’s in the Universe!

Well where has IGP gone?!?! She’s been missing in action again! Well I’ve been busy, yup.  Since we last met I have been restructured out of my straight job, I went overseas to reconnect with some long lost fellow IGPs and now I’m being busy busy trying to work out what to do next. Ooow and I had 5 pages of stuff published in a magazine – very exciting, but not really. Oooow and I’ve enrolled in yet another course – apparently I’m doing a Diploma in Management now. I can never commit to a Degree because 3 years is such a looooong time. 12 months is doable, but to do the same thing for over a year NOOOOOOO. Still one would think one would stop at 6 Diploma’s yes? Maybe I need to do a degree because clearly I’m pretty dopey.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing I am not at my straight job as of 30th June. I was getting a bit over it to tell you the truth –  I found lube prints all over my desk a few days ago. The girl who sat at my desk when I was away was trying to convince me it was grease from some hot chips she bought. Me being me and always believing I’m in the right, it niggled at me for an entire 5 minutes until I was forced to lick the desk – IT WAS LUBE!! I don’t know why they lie about it – I’d bonk someone on my desk and send an email to everyone gloating if it was me! SOoo anyhooo I’m out of there.

Soooo because I’m out of there I’ve been trying to work out what to do. I’ve been offered a few jobs where I go in, set up a position in 6 weeks, write training manuals etc and then they employ someone else into the job. Sounds like a whacky kind of job to me, but I suppose it would suit my attention span.

I’ve decided I hate my websites and I’ve decided to completely re-vamp them. is going to be ripped down this weekend I think and it will go up with a completely new skin and different stuff on it. It’s very exciting to reinvent – well kind of. I want to do something completely whacky, but I’m not completely whacky, so I want to do something very GFE, but I’m also very whacky so completely GFE wont work. Seee it’s all to confusing! I have to get new photo’s as well – yaaaaaaaawn. I hate having my pics taken.

Hmmm and because I’m going back to hookering, I read the forums – aaaargh why do we do this to ourselves?!?! They use to be a funny place where you could go and have a laugh, be silly and find out some great info. Now they are a place you go to watch worshipping.  Back slapping mateyness has always driven me cocobanananaa’s but when woman engage in it as well and do the worshipping aaaaargh! No room for cynicism (which lets face facts is just another word for reality) or sillyness on forums in Australia these days, it’s purely a business of ‘maaaaaaaaate congratulations on being such an awesome root” and ‘ooooooh I adore yooooou sweeeeeety’. vomit. I think I’m mourning the loss of the intellectual sophistication of the industry … gawwd I’m a dick.

Anyway I have to get back to a bit of deviance – I am reading this superb website of a fetishest who is writing a book about where they came from and how they became who they are. It’s absolutely BRILLIANT for anyone who is interested in fetish.. have a wee look here.. it will only take you 30 – 40 minutes to read….

Anyhoooo got to run away and be a devo… It’s awfully hard to work out who you are and how to present that to the Universe





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Seems to be a common thing these days when companies restructure their work place. This is when you see the staff that always say yes stay and staff that sometimes question there task at hand are shown the door.I look at this way it is their loss and somebody else gain.
Is three years to long to do a course?,you are only here for a short time so make the most of it.
Do i miss Lucy, That is a hard one to answer Hell of course I have.

Comment by Col

Looking forward to seeing the reivention of Lucy (although I have become quite attached to the old one)

Comment by Peter.88188

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