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Devo Booking WOOT!
May 31, 2009, 3:37 pm
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Well this weekend I did a fabulous yet squishy booking. A new one for the books even… this weekend I played squash in my new squash shoes and a latex dress. I use to hate doing fetish, role playing bookings, but working at the dungeon taught me to find everything curious.. actually it’s more working at a dungeon teaches you to give yourself permission to do silly things for the fun of it. I imagine it’s kind of like when you have kids and you learn how to sing silly childrens songs and slide on slipper dips again. You kind of re-learn how to give yourself permission to have a good time.

So the mission was to play squash with my latex dress on. My gent bought me a brand new pair of shiny white squash shoes and a  shiny black latex dress and awaaaaaay I went. The trouble with sqaush is it makes you very sweaty. Combine that with being veerrrrry sweaty because you’re wearing latex and it gets pretty squishy in your new shiny white shoes. All the sweat runs down your legs into your shoes and it’s a tad yucky and I found out it’s certainly very dangerous. I got so slippery in my shoes, I slipped over and doinked my head on the wall. Now I have a big red and black doink mark on my head 😦

Still mission accomplished and I’m a happy camper. I love that someone would derive pleasure from watching me playing squash with myself and that’s it. Fancy having such an excellent adventurous mind to think me playing squash in latex with shiny white shoes on  is the best thing since sliced bread! 

Love it love it love it!





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Lucy! You are a fucking rockstar! I giggled myself silly over that one. Miss you. Milkshake?

Comment by Mistress Mia

I wish i could have seen that. You had alot of fun and that is a good thing. Loveing your work keeps you a happy camper. Thank you for a great blog.

Comment by Don

Does your nose itch in this sort of adventure?

Comment by Peter.88188

Aaaaw thanks Peter!

Sucking up gets you everywhere with me lol.

Huge squishy bits,


Comment by Anonymous

Glad to see you are still having some fun after what has seemed a relatively bleak patch for you. I have certainly missed your insightful bolgs (as well as your entertaining ones)

Comment by Peter.88188

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