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Can’t choose your neighbours!


Well just back from having a lovers quarrel. My neighbour is ‘dating’ a jack arse and every now and then it is up to me to go an ensure they both know it. I told her today she needs to go and have some hooker training to facilitate the SNAP OUT OF IT process.

Why woman choose to go out with men who get off on sitting there for hours on end, telling them what an arsehole they are, how pathetic they are, how stupid they are, how intolerable, disgusting, useless blah blaaah and FOR FREE, I do not understand. I mean seriously, the only time I would allow that is when I’m in a dungeon and someone is paying me for a humiliation sub booking. I’m pretty bad at them though because I find a man speaking to me like that and actually believing it all pretty funny so I giggle alot. I’m a very bad sub because I find everything pretty funny to tell you the truth.

“I don’t understand how you can be so stupid not to be able to do anything more than 2 uni subjects at once. I stress about multi million dollar deals all day, all I do is make multi million dollar deals and you can’t even manage to do 2 uni subjects. I am losing respect for you, I loathe to be near you, you’re so pathetic, so stupid”. Ho hum

 The other night he was throwing stuff at her head while he was screaming at her and when I heard him throw the toaster at her I lost it. I mean throwing brooms and glasses etc at her is one thing, but you throw a toaster, you spread the crumbs, you bring the cockroach’s to my unit, so LOOK OUT!

I don’t understand how every neighbour on the floor can hear him screaming at her and they do nothing. Not a thing. When did people stop caring so heinously about other people? Gives me the bloody shits.

Soo anyhoo tonight we had the hooker discussion. I informed them both they need some hooker training. Him to be taught how to be a man and to get taught some respect, and her to learn how to be a woman. I use to go out with a guy who use the beat the crap out of me. One day he tied me to a bed and chopped it up around me with a machete. I remember lying there after he chopped 3 legs off the bed so I was on this ridiculous angle tied to this bed thinking “this is hilarious! this is so Twilight Zone this is hilarious!” I left him and became a hooker pretty much straight away.

Becoming a hooker has taught me what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, what I deserve and don’t deserve out of people and life. In many ways, becoming a sex worker was the best thing I ever did. I was terrified of men when I first became a sex worker. I was so shy and scared of men they had to assign me a mentor I had to do my first 30 bookings with to teach me how to talk to men and bonk them. Now I have no fear (which is not necessarily a good thing) and can say to anyone at any time exactly what I think and feel. Hence no trouble smacking on my neighbours door and pointing out they are both MORONS!

I remember sitting there screaming when he use to go on a rant, kicking and punching holes in the wall and no-one would help. Why don’t people help? Why don’t people care about a person a mere 2 second walk from where they are sitting? The other day I was on outreach for my straight job and we walked past a pub where a man was sitting there with his head on his chest. We walked over to him to lift his head up (head down on your chest = blocked airways) and to check he was ok and the bouncer came running out of the bar screaming at us to leave him alone in case he fell over and bumped his head. He was upset we may get him sued. I asked him if a dead person was preferable over a person with a bump on the head and he said “yes”. I pointed out responsible service of alcohol should probably be his primary concern and then he let us move him. DERRRRRRR!

Anyhooo moral of the blog is, if you hear your neighbour screaming, if you see someone lying on the ground, they may not have the voice to ask for help, but please stop and help. You never know, your intervention may save or change a life.

Mmwaah! and be safe people’s and look after each other



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Hi Lucy,

I can relate to this, in a house I used to live we could hear the neighbour belting the crap out of his girlfriend all the time. While my girlfriend would ring the Police I’d go in there, but by the time the Police came she would deny it happened – so sad. The sadder thing is that everytime one of his girlfriends left him, he’d find another that would take the beatings and put up with the crap. The bastard even threw a puppy on the ground that hard it broke it’s leg (we videoed his cruelty to animals and gave it to the Police, they did nothing). He finally moved but I bet he’s still doing it …

Comment by Anonymous

Hi Col 🙂

It’s very very sad that people just don’t care anymore and what makes me sadder is people of my generation are the worst.

On the upside, I just met up with a friend who I use to Mistress with and she is setting up a committee at her school to stick up for the rights of students and to represent their needs. Her English is not the best, but she is so passionate and motivated despite 100 obstacles being placed in her way it’s inspiring.

I don’t think people even care about themselves these days to tell you the truth. We seem to live in a world of apathy where watching from the sidelines whether it be in regard to others lives or your own is the norm.

BUT if I was standing watching, it would be because I was watching you thinking how could I get into that mans pants because he’s clearly a brave, can do, giving a shit man!

Yup people who give a shit are mega attractive to me!

Mmwaaaah and hope you have a smiley day Col,


Comment by Anonymous

Hi Lucy,
I think these days people just do not care about others. I have had to use DRABCD while people just stand there and watch which really ticks me off

Comment by Col

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