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Well today I took delivery of some latex I bought 3 years ago and it’s just arrived from the UK now. Thing is I don’t want it anymore, but once it’s bought and paid for, it’s bought and paid for 😦 On the upside, I LOVE LATEX so I’m a happy happy camper 🙂 🙂 🙂

So for all you fetish gummi people like me….

Mistress Gummi

Mistress Gummi

sorry I forgot to shine it up before I took the pic

sorry I forgot to shine it up before I took the pic

Now the good news is, I also have some brand new red lingerie – in fact I’ve never owned red lingerie because I thought it was a little too showy for me. I kind of had a little think to myself and thought “LUCY YOU HAVE PICTURES OF YOU IN LATEX AND IN LINGERIE TOUCHING YOUR NAUGHTY BITS!” so I kind of decided to get over it.

Soooo tomorrow I shall attempt to take pics of me in red lingerie (if I remember).

Anyhooo happy perving and I shall be seeing some of you Latex Lovers who are itching for some cbt or at the very least a pt shortly,

Mistress Gummi


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Hi Lucy
In your busy schedule did you find time to take some happy pics ?

Comment by Col

Red or black or any colour will do, I remember the last time when i had the pleasure of meeting Lucy it made the heart rate go up.

Comment by Col

red lingere would be my preference

Comment by wazzas

I shall look forward to seeing the pictures of you in red

Comment by Peter.88188

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