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Don’t mark the merchandise!


So what does a sex worker do when procrastinating at her straight job? Well she looks for a tattoo of course…. and LATEX!

One of the first messages ever drummed into my head as a sex worker was DON’T MARK THE PRODUCE! We were all absolutely forbidden to get tattoos or piercings beyond ear piercings. At the first escort agency I ever worked at, there was a girl there who had a tattoo of the tackiest tiger you ever saw on her lower back. It was placed in exactly the right place to come into vision when she bonked a boy and moved back and forwarded, while leaning forward in missionary. She use to growl every time it came into site. We use to call her growler, but she missed out on work because of her tattoo, even though I thought it was pretty nifty and a definite selling point.

Now we have moved into the day and age we have and boys are desensitized to EVERYTHING, I believe tattoo’s are coming into fashion for working ladies. Hmmm then again, it’s probably because I find this industry so terminally boring these days that I believe tattoo’s are a good idea now and bugger what anyone else thinks. I swear if I see one more picture of one more girl in a bikini I’ll go mucho nutso then I already am (although I’m sure it must work, because if it didn’t, girls wouldn’t do it – you gotta talk to the boys in the language they understand and all). A tattoo is a point of difference now and in insight into the lady – personal so to speak and 85% of punters want to see something personal in their lady.

So I have devised a list of tattoo’s I’m going to get and they follow…..

See full size image

I think they are soooo lovely – I can definatley see them sliding up the side of my body – bet it HURTS like nothing else getting tattooed there – liberating.

I don’t like the design, but I love a full body tattoo – I hate little tattooes. For some reason it screams to me… bet I’d scream having it put on as well

This is my favourite but…..

and because I luuuuurve playing with myself  ….

…… maybe not a giraffe but

although I do love lady birds so maybe one of these…..

or so my mother doesn’t see it and yell at me for getting a tattooo……


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I love this blog entry, I think tattoos on women are beautiful. Have you got any of these tattoos yet?

Comment by brokensoul77

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