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A hooker lost in Twit Twat Land

Ok I am now technically able to speak in 140 or words less (not that that’s even possible for me), BUT I DON’T GET IT!

What is this Twitter stuff all about?!

Firstly it is just a string of bloody text messages and I don’t respond to text messages on my phone to people who want to pay me money, so why do people want to respond to text messages for free?

It’s like this big text messaging chat room but there’s not enough people in the chatrooms and not enough words you can use to be silly, so where’s the fun?!?!

I also don’t get why people would follow you. Is one suppose to be intelligent and groovy enough to make ones self sound fun and fantastic enough to follow? The pressure is beyond intense!!

AND I accidentally joined myself to Ashton Kutchers Twitter page and then I had to un-join him before he noticed I joined him but Twitter wouldn’t let me until my 8th try. No wonder he has over a million people following him. Once you’re committed to him, you’re a prisoner!

Does anyone have any ideas on how marketing is possible on this site, or should one just treat it as a fun(?!) place to hang out with friends? I notice on Kutchers page he posts links to YouTube stuff he has done – is that how you market yourself on there maybe? As in it’s just a big link suppository (which is technically something one sticks up their arse to give ones self a bad case of runny pooh’s)?

I’m also living in fear they will ban me. Now I have to live in fear of being banned from WordPress as well as Twitter for being a me. I said ‘shut up’ on Twitter and now I wait for the wrath of Twit Twat Land to come down on me for being a rude hooker.

Oh it’s all scary and unsatisfactory if you ask me. The road a hooker travels is perilous and confusing. Right I’m off to make rock cakes and watch zombie movies… maybe I’ll chuck a Kutcher and make you all a YouTube!! (and no it wont give you runny pooh’s! maybe drippy peeeenis, but definately not runny pooh’s). (shit I said drippy peeeenis on WordPress, now they’re going to ban me for sure!).



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Sarah Blake is an absolute sweetheart. She is the bee’s knees and a very clever girl 🙂 Thanks for finding that for me Peter 🙂 I go have a look now.

Comment by Lucy Blake

While looking for you on twitter, I came across this one (SarahBlakeInc) so I don’t think you have to worry about being kicked off twitter

Comment by Peter.88188

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