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I always find it interesting to see what people save to their favorites menu! What do you have in yours? Mine contains some of the following….. because one day I’m going to get around to designing me my very own coaster to put my beer on (not that I drink beer but I want my own coaster) one of my sites I never made live – one of those things like my own coaster I’m getting around to one day… go have a play, you can even dress me up in what you want me to wear in a booking and then get the water pistol and shoot where you’d like to ummm ummm. HAHAAA cool. I was going to re-brand myself as Blow Up Dolly and do quick 20 minute blow jobs only and the doll would be sent to me as your order form of what you’d like me to wear and what you’d like to… well you know hahahaaa. Myself and another lady were going to do it but she retired and I couldn’t do it alone! Stoopidity needs company and all hahahaa. it helps me understand and speak man ’cause I don’t like bunnies this site is a classic! I know 3 Mistresses who have been and done the interrogation and POW training at this place. One of those things I’m going to get around to… hmm next time I’m feeling completely insane I guess. I find this site absolutely fascinating. Woman take pictures of jewellery and other stuff their ex lovers / partners / husbands etc etc give them and sell it! They often include little stories to go along with it. Freakin beautiful way to go about community development (sorry it’s the welfare worker in me lol). Yup that’s right, I have the Dept. of Health index in my favorites list. I think from memory it got there because I was looking up bed bugs or something or other. because I’m always going to get around to making porn one day – I find this site like a car crash as well. It is seriously disturbing in a voyeuristic way and it’s hard to watch, but hard to look away! because some times you have to write an email to someone who needs to believe you’re a lady… grammar helps when all else is failing

Bugger have to go to work tomorrow… I brb laterer




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Wow, the escort dolls site is awesome 🙂

Comment by Madame X

My favourites list is getting way, way too long. Having to scroll to find what Im looking for is getting tedious. Im forever grateful for it though.

I have a LONG list of allsorts sites which include the ones I go to most often, then 10 folders to sort others: Dad, HOTELS, My advertising, songs, Escort sites, Webdesign sites, Services, WEBBUILDING, MY SITES and General.

Its getting a bit insane

Comment by msSmunro

Love the Australian Escort Dolls

Comment by Anonymous

I put all of the clothes on the redhead dolly cos I know how cold you get xx

Comment by GF

Why don’t you like bunnies?

Comment by Peter.88188

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