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Magic Mushroom thoughts and Normal makes me SLEEPY!

Helloooo people’s!

Hope all is well in people’s land 🙂

Hmmm so what’s happening in Miss Lucy Land… well ummm …  oooow my straight job finishes not this Friday coming but next, so I’m madly trying to be less mad about what I’m doing next. Chantal is doing her best to make me all positive and full of the joys of spring about it with the powers of positive thought… just makes me want to smack her heheee.

She keeps saying “but darling you have to forgive me I’m Piscean so I can’t help it, life is good, just imagine you’re on a mushroom trip and think like that”. I ask her if she has ever had a magic mushroom and she says “no silly, but I’m Piscean so I know what one would be like”. Then I remind her I am unable to live in airy fairy farty land and give her the example of when we were thrown out of numerous hotels in Perth for being hookers when they searched our bags and found condoms – no powers of positive thought were going to change that! AND THEN how the only hotel that was available was in “Cat Piss Hotel” because someone had decided to bring their cat on holidays and it pee’d somewhere in my room and STUNK! Myself and a lovely gent decided to role play a complete 3 hour booking as Great White Hunters and were were hunting wild tigers down threw their droppings and… aaah but that’s a story for another day.  She responds with “oooh surely you can’t keep going on about that forever!”. Yup I’m going to smack her. Hmm for all of you who don’t know Chantal I should paste her here….


Hmmm what else?.. oh yerr the sale of Sensualdownunder. Well I am getting about a gazilliion phone calls about that one. I have decided not to tell anyone anything because it annoys me. All of these people are calling and saying “I am a loyal support of SDU and have been a member for years and I’d like to buy it and how much would you sell it for?”. When I say it’s sold they say “oooh I see how unfortunate, did **** *********** buy it?” I just sit there shaking my head thinking “if you were such a loyal support how come you never reviewed or put a single post up?” Some people think sex workers came down in the last shower. I mean surely if you were trying to manipulate info out of me, you’d at least have a super cool approach! That’s all boring. So anyhoooo I know who bought it and I’m not telling HAAA HAAAAA. Kind of amuses me to see all those Fun In Australia people going out of their little mental minds with conspiracy theories. Let’s just say they are going to FREAK OUT when they find out who HAHAHAA .. blimey an AMEX ad should be written about that actually heheheeeee.

Since SDU has been sold I am not on any forums at all. I feel like the sex industry has completely passed me by and I have no interest in trying to catch up to it again. I read a forum for the first time in a couple of months yesterday and read about all of these guys asking about all of these girls and blah blaaaah. I just thought “yup I’m still a sex worker, but I’m not part of the industry anymore”. Kind of like Brittany a Lady For You (I always admired that lady) or a few other ladies. So the new moves will be based away from the norm or common approach of forums and advertising on them I think. I think the Australian “industry” is dull dull dull anyway. …. surely something can be done to enhance it! Hell I don’t do boring very well so I’m sure I’ll think of something deranged.

Speaking of boring, I’m utterly bored in my straight job. I tend to max out attention span at 3 months. Once I can do the job and I’m not wetting myself every time I go to work with stress and anxiety I tend to want to sleep a lot. One day I’ll try and keep a job beyond 6 months 🙂 I did something ridiculous today to try and liven my existence up which of course involved doing something disturbing to a boy at work hehehee. No reaction yet but I have faith hehehee. I also tend to call everyone who hates the organisation I work for every time I find myself getting sleepy for a bit of therapy. They aren’t nice to me and it amuses me to be sickly sweet to them. I have 5 agency’s I call everyday to annoy with my existence. Trouble now is I’ve subdued them into a false sense of liking me so that aint any fun anymore 😦 Now I put on strange accents to try and trick them, but they spot me pretty quickly 😦 GOD LIFE IS SO BORING AND SLEEPY BEING NORMAL!

All these normal people walking around doing normal stuff everyday… I don’t know how this country manages to stay awake long enough to create a recession.

Anyhoooo I shut up now but I leave you with this which an American Lady I think is hilarious and lovely (and incidentally a fellow rednut) posted on her blog (Thanks Miss Fisher)  …





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