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Stinky Issue!





I live in a new apartment and I have the ‘drain issue’. Yup I have discovered in every newish apartment I have lived in the drain is bound to start whiffing like your local friendly sewerage plant within 6 months of moving in. Ick!


Now since I don’t have a boyfriend I have decided to delegate all of you to the status of “Lucy’s Boyfriend”. Why? Well anytime there is a serious issue a girl needs a boy to sook to so here goes…


It’s not faaiiiiir. How come I have to do everything myself? Why wont it work? Make it work… it stinks.. it’s not fair…give me the remote control or STOP FLICKING IT!… and turn that bloody porn off!… ROAAAAAR.


Super Angry 


Right I feel much better.


Stick out tongue


So after asking the question on the forum how to fix it, I took all the advice on board and got to work fixing the drain. First thing was to go and get me some evil stink bug destroyer. I went to the Hardware shop and explained my drama and asked for something to get rid of the smell. The handy man and I discussed stink bug eating chemicals and he bought up Drano. I informed him I always wanted to have a bottle of Drano because I heard it was brilliant for blowing things up with if you add vinegar to it. Right there and then he banned me from buying Drano and sold me a bottle of caustic soda. Hmmm soda makes bubbles so maybe that would be good for an explosion as well I thought.


I’m quite excited at this stage envisioning blowing the stink bugs out of my drain! I puuuuush the washing machine out of the way (ripping the door off it’s hinges at the same time so now I have to work out how to fix that as well – any suggestions?) and there it is…. ‘the hole’. Hmmm I have a 2 liter bottle of this stuff but the label goes on about mixing it in a bucket of water first and having to measure it all and half way thru reading it I get an “Ikea Headache” (the headache you get when reading Ikea instructions on how to assemble furniture) Besides how am I suppose to work out how much 200 grams is and 1 litre of water? How many grams in 2 litres?! Is that a little bit of a 2 litre bottle or a big bit?. So I decide it’s all to complicated and the smell is reaaallllly bad so I pour the entire bottle in the whole. Hmmmmm nothing happens. Decide to add some water as it seemed kind of logical to do that and there is a snap crackle and pop sound. Nothing exciting though.


Now 6 hours later and it smells worse than ever!! ROOOOOAR!


So tomorrow I’m off to another Hardware Shop to invest in some Drano. Can’t go back to the same shop because he won’t sell it to me…. Hmmm I’ll find one but! Hmmm when I was little and I thought there were monsters in the plug hole I use to pour shampoo down it to poison the monster. Maybe if Drano doesn’t work I’ll try shampoo!


Right stay tuned because tomorrow I’m making a Drano Bomb for my laundry!









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