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Powers of observation and picking what someone is comfy with

Helloooo people’s 🙂

We had a suggestion for a blog and its a cool suggestion so I thought we should include it on the blog. The question is…

“how about powers of observation? with new or newish clients can you tell if they are gonna like latex (a passion of yours of course), or will they liked to be tied up, or if they like you nice or if he likes a certain position….. ”

Oooook here we go…

Powers of observation are vital. I start observing things from the second we make contact whether that be in an email, PM or on the phone. I find in an email people often tell me more about themselves, their experience with seeing working ladies, how they are feeling about the experience (eg. they are nervous or excited etc) and a little bit about what they may want. People seem to feel more comfortable talking in emails. I suppose it is more anonymous and you have the time to compose yourself and make sure it is just right.

You have two types of phone people. One type are the people who just ring to make sure I don’t have 11 toes and 2 heads and make a booking on the spot. These are the people who are sounding you out on the phone to see if the personalities click. They never ask me about ‘services’ I provide. The other type of people I get on the phone are ‘talkers’. Talkers make conversation something like this… is your cunt shaved, can I pick the latex, lingerie and dresses you will wear while I am there, do you deep french kiss, do you do BBBJ, can I have all of that in half an hour and what is your half hour rate. I never get asked about tie downs, latex or specific services people may want on the phone if they intend on making a booking.  If I get a talker I automaticaly shut off usually and assume they are not looking to book. If you ever manage to book a talker they are nightmares to deal with in the flesh. They want to make sure they get their money’s worth and want to do 10 things so everything is rushed, nothing is done well and everything is a nightmare.

So I suppose what this tells me is while your job interviewing me I am doing the same to you. We are both observing each others behaviours and thoughts to see if we will click both mentally and sexually. If one of us dont feel like we will we turn down the booking.

When someone gets inside my unit I am all over them! I am watching EVERYTHING. How nervous is he, are his hands sweating, is he sweating, is he shaking a little bit, is he talking fast, does he give me a big kiss or a little kiss, does he walk straight past me and into the apartment, does he walk to the opposite end of the room to me etc. This all tells me how nervous or new to the industry they may be. If someone is nervous I try really really hard not to be terrifying 🙂 It also usally makes me talk more as I find talking the best way to put someone at ease. If someone is very nervous I know that tie downs, latex etc are probably not going to be an option as me in ‘normal mode’ is already proving enough stimulation. I may ask later when we are in the bedroom if everyone is a little more relaxed but if not and if the body language is very closed I dont offer more out there suggestions of adventures to take.

I always ask things like ‘have you seen anyone else before’ – this lets me know how much experience they have. If they have seen someone ‘have you seen a private or only been to an establishment’, this tells me they may need me to guide them a little more or explain things a little more thoroughly. I may ask who they have seen if they have seen privates so I can tell the type of adventure they may have had. If they have seen a lady who is very laid back and offers a very gentle, tender GFE I will know the limits they may have been taken to or if they have seen someone a little more hardcore it will give me permission to ask if they would like to do a few more full on things. I may ask where someone found my site because this will tell me how much they know about me. So if they found me on SDU I know they will probably be aware of the things I am capable of offering, what they can expect or may want to ask if they can have. If they find me on a site like OAD where I just have a profile and a pic with no reviews etc I will take the time to maybe let them know a little bit more about me.

I may also ask which pic on my website they liked the best. A favourite pic will tell you LOADS about what someone may like sexually. If someone likes the naked ones they will probably like something a little more relaxed and loving, if they like the ones of me in lingerie they will probably want something more GFE crossed with PSE passion, or if someone likes the latex pics then they are after an ‘adventure’ and at this stage will ask me to put some on. No matter which pic a guy says he likes the best, we discuss them all and put thoughts and images to the pics and explore if they would like to do these things.

When you walk into my bedroom the first thing you will probably see are the tie downs attached to my bed. Ooow I should mention I never take anyone to my bedroom until they are 100% not shaking and relaxed. When everyone is de-cootie-erised then onto the bed for further discussion on what they may or may not like. If someone lands on my bed and crosses their arms and legs that tells me tie downs or toys or whatever are out. If not then we open negotiations hahahaa. I am an absolute believer that to have brilliant sex you must make the time and effort to have open and honest dialogue with all the options being presented. We talk about what you may like, what I feel like, etc. Most people I see are very interested in the tie and tease type stuff or at the very least want to do something in a little more full on or intimate way. I suppose it’s why the majority of my bookings average 2-4 hours as people seem to  view coming to see me more as going away for a holiday, rather than the once a week going out for a meal type thing.

Before anything is definately decided upon I explain what the purpose of being tied down, or blindfolded, or what my specific toys are for. If someone is curious but a little unsure about something like tie downs I explain the equipment, explain the design of it, how it is used, the safety features, the pros and cons of it EVERYTHING. We also discuss what other people may use and the pros and cons of that equipment. I am also happy to discuss my experience with the equipment and if I have done courses in it etc (eg. I have done a course in electricity and fireplay so I have learnt from professionals how to use candles and electricity boxes etc). I do not use new equipment on guys until I know how to use it very well. I also do not use any equipment that can mark the body in any way. I make all of this very clear so people are able to make an informed decision.

Blimey what was the question again?.. one sex brb I just check….

Ok enough about toys and stuff as its only a little bit about what may happen… onwards I say….

When your having sex positioning and what we would like to do changes as we get more comfy with each other. Believe it or not I continue to talk alot while having sex hahahaaa but not in my usual annoying way. I often ask “what are you thinking right now” AND I expect an answer!!! hahaaa. It allows me to check in on how your feeling and what you may be thinking of doing. I am pretty versatile and bendy so most things are an option for me AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT INVOLVE HURTING MY BUTT OR ANYTHING A CONDOM NAZI WOULDNT AGREE WITH!! I repeat I AM A CONDOM NAZI! However, if someone wants to suggest a certain position.. super cool! Me being the girl I am, I think very visually. Chances are I have already seen it before a man suggests it so I usually make LOADS of suggestions. Positions and stuff can depend on size of penis, how demanding someone is being (ie. I dont go thru the motions of going into 5 different positions just so someone can tick them all off so they feel like they got their money’s worth), what type of sex we’re having (ie. if your having PSE sex all hot and passionate, missionary with me on the bottom is not the best. Me on top of you squating down ummmm sooo its more ummmm visual shall we say, is waaay more satisfactory dont you think?), fitness levels of both partners, if someone is lieing there with their hands behind their heads with their eyes shut while I do all the work (I am a fully interactive experience peoples!! not a blow up doll!!) etc

Hmmm is there anything else? I will go and read the question again one sec….

Nope thats it. 

If you have any questions or anything please comment – Id love to read them. Or if you have feedback having experienced the above or anything please put a comment in.






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