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Hellooo People


Ok I have seen lot’s of ladies with World Wildlife Fund, GreenPeace and Gucci links on their site, just in case someone feels the need to do something very lovely.


I always thought this was a little strange until today! I was sitting at the dentist feeling uber sorry for myself, reading Woman’s Day (groan), trying unsuccessfully to avoid all the cooking and bad fashion articles. I came across a story about a woman in Cambodia who was sold into the sex industry when she was a child. She couldn’t tell you at what age because she doesn’t know her real age or her real name, she was that young when she became a sex slave. She now works for an organization in Cambodia that tries to educate, re-habilitate and save children and woman from the sex slave industry over there.


An ex-sex working friend of mine had sponsored 6 children from World Vision and only sponsored little girls from countries where girls are sold into the sex industry. This was her way to give back to the industry which made so many of her dreams come true in a positive way. She realized not everyone was as lucky as her, so wanted to make a difference to someone who may not be as lucky in the industry as she was. I realize not everyone is able to sponsor a child as it is a long term commitment BUT you could donate to the organization in Cambodia which is trying to make a difference to sex workers in Cambodia.


Here’s a bit of information from their site about them…..


Acting For Woman In Distressing Situations (AFESIP) exists to combat trafficking in women and children for sex slavery; to care for and rehabilitate those rescued from sex slavery; to provide occupational skills and to reintegrate those rescued into the community in a sustainable and innovative manner. AFESIP also seeks to combat the causes and effects of trafficking and sex slavery through outreach work in AIDS prevention; through advocacy and campaigning; through representation and participation in women’s issues at national, regional and international forums. 


If you would like to make a difference to children and woman in a very bad situation, please have a little look at their website.


If you do decide to go ahead and donate, please let me know and I shall give you an exceptionally large extra ginormous BIG kiss.

Happy punting people’s and thanks





ps. oooops you accidentaly shut the window with the site on it!! Let me help you find it again… here tis…


now quick quick… hurry hurry 🙂


Go oooon, donate some money. You know you want too! Gives you that same nice fuzzy warm after glow cumming does! Will be lovely for you 🙂


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