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Lucy’s most excellent adventure – well bizarre night anyway!

Ooook so it’s 5am in Australia and Im soooo bored I’d thought I’d torture you with a most bizarre evening I had on a mission the other night!


Ok so I went down to do an escort (99.9% of work in Australia is all incalls so escort is very rare). This Hotel is where ****** ******* and his Princess live in the 4 story Penthouse – I wouldn’t live there if I was that rich.


This hotel has it’s rooms all around this bar where only the coooolest people who believe their own publicity hang out. They’re filming a Bollywood movie in the bar so I decide to sneak in and be Bollywood and at least score me a free drink. Lasted 30 seconds because the free drink served in the most alcoholic looking glass you’ve ever seen was cordial 😦 So I decided to scarper to my booking sober, which is probably a good thing since I don’t drink and Lucy turning up on your front door step intoxicated is a site to behold!.


Call the gent and get him to come down and save me in the foyer and jump in at the lift and scream out BOOOOOO! hehehee he almost wet himself. Antsy feeling is already HIGH (escorting makes me feel edgey because it’s rare) and Lucy is in full flight this evening, so decide to push his buttons more and pounce on him in the lift hehehehee.


Next stop is the hotel room and blessed room service which he has already ordered! YEEERHHAAAR this boy is going to be happy with the bonking he is going to get for being soooo luuuurvely! Next stop is the mini bar – YEEERHHHAAAAR it has MANGO JUICE in it! THis boy aint going to be able to walk – HA!


Hmmm so he is a super fuuny boy and has had a super funny job in the past so we begin to have super silly and hilarious conversations – my favorite bit was comparing binocular stories and jokes hahahaaa.


Anyhooo end of booking 4 hours later and Lucy runs away.


Downstairs waiting for my cab tum teee tummm. 30 minutes later hotel boy comes out and asks if I have ordered a cab. I say yup and he says be careful standing on the street because you’ll get raped and robbed. I asked if I could stand inside and he said “no we don’t allow woman to wait inside our establishment”. Ho hum. Lucy is busy picking her jaw up off the floor at such foulness for a good 5 minutes. I WAS WEARING GUCCI AND JIMMI CHOO SHOES FOR GOLLYS SAKE and IM not good enough to wait in his scuzzi hotel?!? pfft boys. There were cobwebs on the light fixtures for goodness sakes and stains on the headboard and his hotel is too good for moi!! Mind you the soap smelt nice in the bathrooms.


Soooo waiting waiting 1.5 hours and still no cab (not safe to walk out of area I was in to get home on my trotters or to walk to nearest main road). Then this strange looking boy lurks up to me and says “I’ve been watching you. Follow me if you want to live” hahahaaa. I thought SUPER COOL! You only here shite like that in the movies!! So off I trot following this strange man. He leads me into this building full of security surveillance screens and sits me in a chair. He’s the security man for a security building close by and has been watching me on the cameras.


He calls me ANOTHER cab and we sit and wait looking at people having sex thru his cameras, watched a man clean his windows naked at 4.30am with a window squidgey, compared rich people stories about how silly they can be when they have to much cocaine … we talk about what it’s like for him being of his particular ethnicity and the difference in being someone of a similar ethnicity and religion. We talk about the gap between the rich and poor and if rich are happier than the poor or have comparable lives (he was a very interesting boy). He made me 3 cups of hot chocolate, we ate his mum’s traditional* dinner in 6 lunch boxes she made him and then we went and dribbled and drooled over the Ferarri in the garage you’re not allowed to touch.


3.5 hours after my cab was first called it arrived!! YEAAAY saved by my own personal bodygaurd 🙂 We love the lovely boys 🙂


Anyhoooo the end


Weeeee! and I STILL CAN’T SLEEP!




On the mission

On the mission


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