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Ok so anyone who has come for the full “Lucy Blake Experience” will know about the Hadron Collider (Atom Smasher). Yup anyone who has had enough sense to sit and talk to me and laugh at me would have had indepth discussion about the ATOM SMASHER (complete with a Wikipedia show and tell). I am sooooo excited!! because it is about to be switched on!!

I’m a little bit boy in that I like all things physics, I like gadgets, I LOVE big machines (minds out of your pants please boys), I like to watch and I like being porn. I balance this with the girl side of me in that I don’t understand anything about physics, I don’t know how gadgets work, I have no idea about big machines (only the ones in pants but minds out of there please) and I hate watching porn. All in all a very balanced insane individual 🙂

BUT the Haldron Collidor I took the time to talk about it and get lectured on how I was wrong from people I talked to, so now I understand and I LOVE it! It’ll either prove or disprove stuff that will mean years of torture either way for physicists and school students alike and could mean the end of the world, so I don’t need to ever worry about sucking up to my mother again to make her like me! WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN! They may even find the GOD PARTICLE! It’s all terribly bloody exciting!! The way it works, how it is set up, how it is built and why is also WOW!

I think the cutest thing is on Wednesday, which is the day they switch it on, a little physicist is going to give a lecture about it at Uni. Now I love smart men (even better if they wear glasses) so that already appeals to me to visualise the lecture, but I think it is so scientist quirky cute to schedule a lecture on the day of the end of the world, AND to be lecturing about the very thing that is going to end the world! Hehehee I LOVE it! It is so “The Lucy Blake Experience” PMSL!

Ok I shut up now, but for everyone who has sat and put up with me jumping around the room in excitement about it all…. WOOHOOOO it’s happening and on Wednesday you all have to have excited thoughts and an extra beer at lunch! Oh and check out the religious sites about it because I didn’t torture you with them – haha they are funny!

See below for story and pictures if you don’t know about it…….


Atom-smasher may prove ‘God particle’

Deborah Smith Science Editor
September 9, 2008
IT HAS been heralded as a monumental creation that will reveal the fundamental nature of the universe, but also as a doomsday machine that could destroy the planet.

The world’s biggest instrument – a $9 billion atom-smasher that will recreate conditions not seen since a split second after the big bang 14 billion years ago – will be switched on tomorrow.

Holding their breath will be Australian scientists who have helped design and construct one of the huge detectors in the device that will search for an elusive subatomic particle, dubbed the “God particle”.

A physicist from the University of Sydney, Kevin Varvell, said he was excited that after 20years of planning, the instrument – called the large hadron collider – would begin operation to expore the nature of matter.

“At last we can test some of our ideas about what we are made of. It will help answer some big and deep questions,” he said.

Built 100 metres below the Swiss countryside by CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, the collider will fire two beams of particles in opposite directions around a 27-kilometre ring at almost the speed of light.

When the beams collide head on, they will create fireballs and showers of subatomic debris never witnessed before.

Dr Varvell said the impacts could produce man-made mini black holes, reveal that the universe has extra dimensions that are normally curled up, and throw light on the nature of the mysterious dark matter which makes up most of the cosmos.

It should also reveal whether the Higgs boson, or God particle, exists or not.

According to the standard theory of matter, the boson gives everything its mass, and the Australian team helped design the 7000-tonne ATLAS detector in one of the cathedral-sized caverns that will look for it.

Dr Varvell said if the boson was not spotted,”that would tell us something very profound as well”.

New theories about the underlying physics of the universe would have to be developed, he said.

Dr Varvell will give a lecture on the collider with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki at the University of Sydney on Wednesday.


    tunnel with the tube the magnets live in

  cute scientists in charge of driving it


  scientist like stuff they use to do stuff

  engineer dude in his protective ATOM SMASHER clothing (hehee cause its soooo going to save him)

  engineer physicist clever person on his scooter wooshkering along

  more tubey bits

  see it’s soooo HUGE they need scaffolding to climb it!

  grumpy guy in his safety gear (I think he has it sussed the little green hat isn’t working for him and he has some concerns making him a tad grumpy)

  excited scientist guy (complete with glasses hehee he is gorgeous)

  man standing in tube where the magnets go, in safety gear

  physicist guy (you can tell he isn’t an engineer cause he gets to wear the white coat and cute little white slippers)

  seeeeee it’s big and stuff!


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