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Well today I went BOWLING!!


BOWLING!!! I LOOOOVE BOWLING!! There were High 5’s, pineapple juice, and most importantly BOWLING!!!


Bowling is ideal. Actually I’m considering running a bowling special where we go bowling in an adventure and if you can beat me I’ll think of an appropriate punishment and if I win I get to brag and be annoying and jump up and down like a lunatic 😉


I got to have the bowling alley named after me. They put the name of the bowling alley up above your game on this HUGE TV and I called the alley Intergalactical Princess Place. Poor boy I went with nearly died of embarrassment but oooh well that’s the price you pay for being seen in public with me. And then you get to choose your weapon. I chose a 9kg ball…. Big and round and yellow – very fancy! He had a 14kg ball – purple and gay (HA!). It was a Lucy and Goliath confrontation. I was determined not to lose (before you enter into a contest with someone else if you have a bad loser issue like I do, you always make sure the other person has never played before or hasn’t played for 20 years like me).


I get to go first because it is the Intergalactical Princess Alley. STRIKE and High 5’s for meeeee! Kicking arse… LOVIN’ it…. Contemplating buying my own bowling alley very soon. Things started going a tad sideways for your superhero from here on in (that would be me). I decided it was time to seek another goal besides world domination of the bowling alley.


There is something remarkable about throwing a very large, heavy object at these teeny tiny little things at the end of the alley all lined up just begging to be DOINKED. Aaaargh a glorious thing!! Better than squash even.. You just trot up; throw your hand behind your back getting up as much momentum as a helicopter blade and release with a primevil ROOOOOOAR!!! ROOOOOOOAR and the ball fly’s from your hand, makes a humungous DOINK noise as it hits the floor and then ROOOOOARS down the alley then CRASSSSSSSSSSH SMAAAASSSSH! AAARGGGGH ROOOOOOOAR! See ideal yup Wink


Oh and they have these mirrors so you can dance about between bowls  practicing your Victory Dance as the person your playing with is mucking about bowling trying to beat you. VICTORY cha cha chaaaaaa!


So I went on to lose by something like 50 thingamees or so. It’s all very complicated actually. It involved lots of math’s and spares and if you have a go and don’t knock them all over, then on your next turn the first bowl is worth more or something or other. And then when they put it up on the TV it’s got fractions all over the place – aaargh all to complicated so I just decided to focus on ROOOOOOARing.


Oow ooow and they give you these cute little space shoes to wear! I kid you not little space trooper shoes!! The bowling alley was full of man suits and woman in suits with cute little space trooper shoes on. I was tempted to take to a seat top and address my people but I refrained because I want to go again (although the woman selling the bowling thought it was pretty cool she had a true Intergalactical Princess playing and I don’t think she’d ban me for taking to a table top). I found it disturbing that anyone in space trooper shoes could be acting so plainly and seriously so I felt the need to take my people in hand. How can you go bowling and still have your suit face on?!?! How can you be in your space trooper shoes and still have your suit face on?!?!


SO anyhoooo that was bowling and I have decided I LOVE bowling! It’s completely ROOOOAR and insane and uber cool fun and has High 5’s, Victory Dances, space trooper shoes, fancy Vodka (if you drink), and ummm noise – its very very noisey. It’s just this place where you’re given a license to be completely noisey, silly and everything you wish you could be on a daily basis before you put your world face on and become someone else. Aaargh and the carnage… I broke a nail and I doinked everything in site! A true masterpiece concoction of fun.


Mmwaaah! and ROOAAAAR!



Stick out tongue


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