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Lucy and the married woman bonding experience

Well I’m procrastinating again and writing a blog happens to be my favorite way to do it (that and bidding on forklift trucks on e-bay). That and I can’t write a Word Document because I have somehow managed to switch my screen onto thinking I’m blind so each letter turns out Font size 36 so it is annoying to try and write 3000 words. My assessment is to write 3000 words on writing a blog funnily enough. Apparently I have to prove I know about blogging! Maybe I’ll just send them a link to this blog. It’s inappropriate and the wrong thing to do – perfect!


Yesterday was Uni day and I had to do a maths assessment. I had to write an education session plan and run the session and I chose to do mine on sex work and tax. Part of the session involved making everyone fill out a daily record book where people have to write down all their income, deductions and work out their net income. My session was based on peer education so everyone had to pretend they were hookers. I had a group of 8 married mothers, 2 lesbians and 9 normal women.


To fill out the log book everyone had to work out an hourly rate. They had no idea what to charge until I gave them the advice a wise sex worker gave to me … “the only difference between a $50 whore and a $5000 an hour whore is how she values herself” . The light bulbs all came on! All the mothers chose to price themselves at around $5000 per hour; the lesbians priced themselves at $3000 an hour and the normal girls around $800. I found the choice of pricing very curious considering no-one consulted each other.


Funnily enough it was the married women who got into the task with wild abandon and were thrilled by it. It was also the married women who were best at working out the deductions and finding things to right off and ways to screw the tax man. They were hiring yachts to do jobs on, catching limo’s to work, but weren’t keen on buying toys or fetish clothing. Ooow they also wanted to buy designer condoms and body oils from France. The married woman also charged their husbands twice as much per hour but saw them on average twice a week for appointments, whereas the men who weren’t their husbands they only wanted to see once a month. .


They also had to come up with men’s names to put down in their logs. They asked me some names and I said one lady I know see’s all Steve’s and I see everyone named after a book of the Bible. 2 of the lesbians use to be married to Steve’s so an understanding groan was made and the married woman were mainly married to men with Bible names so they rolled their eyes and said “that would be right!”. Hehehee you’re all BUSTED!


At the end of it I informed them that now they all know their true worth they should at least all get their husbands to buy them flowers tonight on the way home. The married woman all groaned saying “noooo he will use the credit card and then I will have to work out the BAS on it”. So gentlemen do your ladies a favor and buy them a HUGE bunch of flowers but use cash not the credit card so it’s a lovely gift not one that will give them an accounting headache






Ps. Has anyone tried the strawberry stravanganza ice cream? Completely YUM!


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