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Longer bookings explained by a review

I recently had a chat to someone asking what happens in longer bookings. He couldn’t believe someone would book beyond an hour – hmm although he did end up extending for an extra two himself hahahaa. I explained all manner of things that can be gotten up to in extended time. I promised I would write a blog about the possibilites of things that could happen in longer bookings to help him to understand. I thought the best way to demonstrate was with a never before seen review – So my darlink this is for you! 

Heheheee so here’s something that may get me in an itty bitty bit of pooh (just for a change!). A lovely boy sent me a review and asked if it was ok for him to put it up. It’s always lovely manners to show the lady the review first if it’s going to be anything a little indepth sexually (some ladies dont like full on graphic reviews), or if its going to be anything strange hahaaa. I like receiving them before they go up because it’s kind of like receiving a porn story written to you by a lover. Has anyone ever had a lover write them some porn? It’s intensely intimate and horny and giggle provoking all at the same time! For me reviews are like that.

I received this review and it has since been published but a huge chunk of it was taken out because I was concerned anyone who didn’t know me would take it the wrong way rather than taking it as Lucy being insane (in a cute quirky way of course!). Sooooo I’m going to post it below because anyone who is reading this blog should know me by now either thru reading my blog or by seeing me all fleshly. I also feel like I have ripped the boy off somewhat because he spent alot of time on the review and I didn’t want to let him down. I have been searching for a place to put it for him. I thought here was a safe place to put it…. Here tis…..

Shite now I have to find it brb…….

So a bit more about our recent time together to give you a bit more of the flavor of what Lucy’s like:


We started by meeting for dinner in a local bistro.  We had a lovely meal and chat that set the tone for the evening.  We talked about movies, the new laws being discussed, travel, etc.  After a short walk to refresh ourselves, we headed to Lucy’s apartment.  Once we settled in with drinks and candles, Lucy insisted I needed to see part of a new movie she had received.  In particular she wanted to show me her favorite scene.


Next thing I know, we are watching the end of Hostel 2.  For those who haven’t seen the Hostel movies, these are horror/slasher type movies (yummy).  Of course, Lucy’s favorite scene is near the end when the girl escapes and get’s her captor tied to a chair.  She holds him captive with a pair of big scissors around his penis.  When she’s told she can only leave if she kills someone, and the guy in the chair calls her a “f***ing stupid c***” she says, “no problem” and chops his cock off.  She then grabs it and feeds it to the guard dog.


After Lucy shows me this and rewinds it so we can see it 2 more times, I’m starting to wonder a bit.  But being adventurous, we head off to the bedroom.  After a shower, Lucy asks if I want to be tied to the bed while she showers.  A bit of advice here with Lucy, be clear in you yes or no answers.  Any ambivalence will be taken as license to do what she wants!  So laying there thinking about scissors can be an interesting way to spend a few minutes.


Once she emerged from the shower I was relieved to not see any large sheers in her hands.  We did have a great time and at the end, I escaped with all my bits.


I won’t get into all the details of what we did, but she does provide a great oral service and energetic sex that always leaves me worn out.  Lucy will provide a large range of stimulation, depending upon you needs and desires.  She pushes me to expand my horizons as I tend to be a bit “vanilla” as she describes it.


Overall I would highly recommend Lucy for anyone.  I most certainly will continue to visit with her when I’m in Sydney.


Sooooo the bit in pink is the bit chopped out. DO you think it was wise of me to cut it out hahahaaa? So for anyone wondering what happens in longer bookings all I can say is ALL things are possible. This week Im excited because Im having a picnic at my house with chocolate cake and other yummy stuff (NO dark chocolate with orange stuff inside!). Ooooow and I’m going to take someone else down to a local gallery to see a pic of my latex clad butt hanging on the wall and we’re going to buy ice cream and he may even be lucky enough to get a fire and ice headjob! Oooow and I think I may be going out to dinner this week as well!! OHHHHHHH and on the weekend!!! I’m going to a retirement party!!! Hmmm I shall definately have to blog that one!

So I suppose what you can say about longer bookings is EVERYTHING happens in longer bookings. They are just more intimate and it really is like two lovers catching up who have known each other forever as lovers and friends and we do all of those things lovers and friends do. Whether it be talking for hours interrupted only by kisses and naughty stuff, whether it be listening to music, hearing stories of long lost cities and worlds – everything and anything happens on extended bookings!





Picture of Lucy's latex clad butt hanging in the gallery


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