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Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Helloooo people’s!

So I was reading the paper today, doing a BORING uni assessment thinking AAAARGH NOT HAPPY! I later had a chat to the whacky Miss Chantal who will soon be leaving Australia to go overseas to some luuurvely places. She is trying to convince me to go with her, but it seems awfully irresponsible to go and have a lovely life don’t you think?

I mean seriously, can one afford to spend money on going overseas, when one has to keep saving money, so in ten years time, one may buy a shoe box to live in!! For some reason we or maybe I have been socialised to think that actually LIVING LIFE is the wrong thing to do.

Then I read all about the budget, petrol prices, the crash of a housing developer which will push rents up, read the employment section from Saturdays newspaper (which is now so small, there is simply no room for jobs in what I do for a straight life!), read this, read that, took some phonecalls from hysterical woman not earning any money as sex workers it’s so quiet but there’s no straight jobs around so they have no options. I took a call from a friend who informed me they were coming by after work to deliver some fruit they stole from the company they work for fruit bowl, because they are worried I’m starving blaaaah blaaaaah.

It suddenly occurred to me … I’m a bloody victim!! hahahahahaaaa

All to hardcore yes? Sooooo I decided to make Google my friend and Googledooo’ed “happy”. Did you know that in 0.03 seconds, Google gave me 58,200,000 images of Happy?! Soooo I thought for anyone else who is making the life and death decision to be brave enough to risk it ALL and go find happy (and I think a lady put it best to me today when she said “bloody hell Lucy, I’m living in Shitsville and I gotta get out”) ….. I give you Google in 0.03 seconds …..

 Happy Boy – can you tell he’s thinking about me? Wink hahahaaa


Happy Mars! – did you know that on Mars there is actually a crater called “Happy Face Mars”?! I shit you not!! go have a look


Happy Rock – did you know that in America, they have actually identified a HAPPY ROCK?! They even built a happy little Smartie to go on top so you wouldn’t miss it!


Happy Bunny! – yup there sits the happiest bunny in the known Universe (looks a little creepier than even clowns do if you ask me. Bunnies shouldn’t look happy! I bet he’s cuddling up to that woman and thinking “hmmm yummy lunch”!)


Happy Thingy! – yup there sits a Happy Thingy by the side of the road!


Happy George – hahahaaa yup it’s haaaaaaaaapy George hahahahaa! Just jokes George, don’t hit me hehehee


Happy Elephant – aaaaw we love Happy Elephants


Haaaaapy Me – gimme gimme candy and I be HApPY HAPPY HaapPY


and the happiest of all ………

HAPPY INSANITY!!! Woohooooo!

Be happy people’s and if anyone is having a drama finding it right now….

Love you long time





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wow lucy im really impressed by your blogs!!! your quite a thinker!! i like it 🙂 take care

Comment by Joe

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