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Eeeew Lucy is Demented: Moment 1

Eeeeew yuckiferous action just been spotted but I think it means I’m mad!

Yes it is proven once more… Lucy’s MAAAAAAAD!

So I was out standing on my balcony when I peered down to the balcony’s of the apartment on yonder. There was a 45- 50 year old man reclining on a chair with a woman on her knees in front of him stroking his penis! I wasn’t sure so I decided to peek for a moment longer. THEN she lowered her head and it started bobbing up and down really slowly!! EEEWWWWW married people sex!!! I was completely shocked! After about 90 seconds of headjob like behaviour she stopped and they kissed for maybe 5 seconds and then she sat in the chair on the opposite side of the table and they sat there chatting!! CHATTING!!

How on Earth is it possible to give a headjob and then STOP?!?! How can a girl stop?!?! How can a man let her?!?! If I go to the trouble of giving someone a headjob dam staight I expect to be bonked gloriously!! I dont understand! Hmmm maybe I should try getting married. – eeeeew Lucy married! The Heavens will weep!

The thing that disturbed me the most was the fact it was married middle aged people. It’s like wrong somehow to me. I can completely see me having a 45 – 50 year old lover and it being completely PC and normal but the site of two middle age married people ‘doing it’ (not to completion mind you – did I already say WHATS THAT ABOUT?!?!) was utterly WEIRD!!

Aaargh Im all unnormal and twisted!




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