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Another Photoshoot!

elloooooo people’s!!

Well on ummm can’t remember which day it was, but some day last week I had another photoshoot!! I must admit having seen the pics even I would pay to bonk me!! Sooo just to let you all know they are done and Im just waiting for delivery. This time I had some taken outside as well. Hmmm which was a pain in more ways than one.

I had to be there at 8am so we could catch the light, but by the time gossiping is done, flirting is completed (he has these cute little Thai guys working for him,  who I’m teaching how not to be shy which takes some time. It is our vision they will think girls are silly rather than scarey so they will brave enough to talk to girls which will hopefully lead to girlfriends) and outfit is chosen, time is tight and I’m being rushed! Rushing me doesn’t work because it makes me manicer than usual and all scattered. I was running out the door when I said “I FORGOT MY G-STRING!! Do I need one?” The photographer turned around and said “no of course not, hurry Lucy the light is getting hard”. Well we can’t have hard light I thought so out I dashed.

Now it’s time to play ‘Dodge the Ranger”. You need to buy a $500 license to shoot pics on the street and we neglected to get one (what’s up with the Council making people pay for busking licences and to take pics?!?!). So we quickly took one or two with me being stationary and then it’s time to tackle the pics in motion with me walking across the pedestrian crossing. I’m wearing these stoopid shoes I bought on a day when it was super hot so your feet swells up and the photoshoot day was a super cold day so my foot has shrunk so they don’t fit properly because my foot has shrunk. I’m walking back and forward across the pedestrian crossing and it’s all unlevel with pot holes and I see two Rangers walking towards me so I lost focus on the street and I fell into a pothole and my foot slipped out of my shoe and I fell over! My legs went everywhere, my arms were everywhere, my jacket flew up and my arse was splooodged all over the road. The stoopid Rangers thought it was hilarious and they stood over me, looking at me giggling. Surely they couldnt find it that funny! Then I looked down and was reminded I had no g string on and screamed at them “MY BAGINA’S NOT FUNNY, ITS GORGEOUS SO STOP LAUGHING AT IT!!”. Made them laugh more pffft. Didn’t get a fine but.

So yup the photoshoot is done but I have to wait a minute for the pics to get back to me because they have to be downloaded and then shop names and stuff has to be photoshopped out. Apparenlty your not allowed to have a shop name like ‘Gucci’ in a picture being used for commercial purposes unless you have permission – ho hum!

Anyhooo there on there way and you’ll all be pleased when you see them I promise!




Picture taken of me the second before I fell in the pothole

Picture taken of me the second before I fell in the pothole


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