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It goes something like this…

Ok life is waaaaay to serious of late between having a straight job, apprenticing as a Mistress in a Dungeon, being a sex worker and my mission as an Intergalactical Princess. So in an effort to break the monotony of real life and twisted life, I have been on the mission to laugh at EVERYTHING…. so on my mission to have laughs, I share with you the two funniest things I managed to drag up today…..  – this is the ultimate guide to … well boys issues. I sat and read it with my friend who only buys Spring Valley Juice like me, because he loves the Liddle Facts like I do (did you know mosquito’s have 47 teeth and Giraffe’s can lick their own eyeballs?!?!). We found it simply fascinating and spent a good hour rolling around the floor laughing that people can be so bizarre and yet fascinating! For example….

Did you know that there are fossil farts?! They were produced by termites, right before they were encased in amber, the gut continued to work and the gases seeped out of the gut of the termite and was fossilised in little blue bubbles in the amber! They are rare but they do exist!

ALSO if you were in space and farted, the force would propel you forward because there are no opposing forces HOWEVER if you were on Mars, “because the temperature is 900 degrees farenheit a human would not simply emit gas on Mars they would turn to gas and become a whole body fart”!!!

It goes thru an amazing bunch of facts!


THEN my friend went back to work and sent me this……

The life and times of a hooker….


he heeee


Your job for today is to get invloved with being silly, having a laugh and learning some interesting Liddle Facts to make you a funnier, happier and more interesting person 🙂

Have a good one people’s!





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